‘Dr. STONE’ is complete! The commemorative one-shot is published in ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’ No. 31

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The final 26 volumes of “Dr. STONE” will be released on July 4, 2022. In addition, the TV special “Dr. STONE Ryusui” will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, BS11, and others from 19:00 on July 10. To commemorate both of these, the 51-page one-shot of the center color will be published in the 31st issue of “Weekly Shonen Jump,” released on July 4.

“Dr.STONE” is a science craft adventure serialized by Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi in “Weekly Shonen Jump” from March 2017 and has exceeded the cumulative circulation of 14 million copies. The first period of TV animation will be broadcast in 2019, the second period will be published in 2021, and the TV special “Dr.STONE Ryusui” will be posted on July 10, 2022.

Such “Dr. STONE” is completed with 26 volumes of comics released on July 4. In the final volume, the rocket carrying Senku, Amber, and Stanley finally jumped out into space after overcoming many difficulties.

In commemoration of the release of the final 26 volumes of “Dr.STONE” and the broadcast of “Dr.STONE Ryusui,” “Weekly Shonen Jump” No. 31, released on July 4, 2022, has “Dr. The one-shot of. “STONE” is posted. The stage is the future, a little ahead of the final episode. It is a must-read one-shot for fans, depicting Senku Ishigami, who was suddenly thrown into the ocean, paving the way with the power of science.

Also, on the same day, a “Science is Hope” campaign was held with the appointment of world-famous physicist Einstein. On the unique site, “Dr. STONE Science History Chronology” has been released, which looks back on the events and the history of science during the production of “Dr. STONE” on a super long page. I want you to experience the length of the years that Senku and others have followed by vertically scrolling.

In addition, outdoor advertisements and bookstore posters with quotes left by Einstein and the main character of “Dr. STONE,” Senku Ishigami, are also available. TV commercials are also available on the YouTube channel “Jump Channel.”

A high-impact bookstore poster with Einstein’s photo and Senku’s decisive line, “Invite!” It will be posted at about 4,500 bookstores nationwide.

In addition, we would like to continue to pay attention to “Dr. STONE,” which has various projects with the final volume release, such as the realization of a collaborative pamphlet with the International Science Olympiad.

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