‘Boku to Roboco’ is a 5-minute short anime that will start airing in December Directed by Heitaro Daichi

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It was revealed that the TV anime ” Boku to Roboco ” will be broadcast as a 5-minute short animation on TV Tokyo from 12:30 midnight on December 4th. A key visual was also revealed, along with the central staff.

The work is based on the same name manga serialized by Shuhei Miyazaki in “Weekly Shonen Jump.” Set in an era when custom-made beautiful girl maid robots have spread to every household, it depicts the bizarre daily life of an ordinary elementary school student, an ordinary person, and the most robust clumsy maid robot in history, Roboco.

The director is Heitaro Daichi, who has worked on many gag anime such as ” Gag Manga Biyori ” and ” Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro.” Koyuri Ohba is in charge of series composition, Yuko Ebara is in order of character design, and Gallop, who has worked with Director Daichi on Ojarumaru for many years, is in charge of animation production.

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