Fafner’s new animation ‘BEHIND THE LINE’ theater pre-screening, depicting the days of the people of Ryugujima

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It has been decided that the new spin-off animation “Fafner in the Azure BEHIND THE LINE” from the anime “Fafner in the Azure” will be screened in advance at the theater. At the same time, key visuals, staff, and cast were released.

“BEHIND THE LINE” is an anime that completes one episode and is a “peaceful spin-off” that was promised to be produced at “Soushi Minashiro Birthday Festival 2017” held in 2017. Ryugujima, who regained peace in the movie version “HEAVEN AND EARTH,” reopened Kazuki Makabe and Soushi Minashiro in the era shortly before being involved in the battle again. In the second phase of the TV series “EXODUS.” It depicts the days of the people of Ryugujima, including the beginning. It has also been announced that not only Soushi and Kanon but also characters such as Hiroto Douma and Akira Nishio, who have lost their lives in the previous series, will appear.

The critical visual depicts four people, Ikki, Soushi, Maya Tomi, and Kanon Hasama, against the backdrop of a coffee shop. Continuing from the previous series, the production team will be directed by Takashi Noto, written by Tow Ubukata, character design by Hisashi Hirai, animation production by Production IG, and the theme song will be all the theme songs and insert pieces of the “Fafner series.” Angela, who deals with it, serves.

Furthermore, commemorating the production of “BEHIND THE LINE,” a special screening of the remastered version of “Fafner in the Azure HEAVEN AND EARTH” will be decided this fall. This is a reformatted video of the UHD version recorded in the “Fafner in the Azure Series Ultimate Box” for theaters. Details such as the screening theater and start schedule will be announced later. In addition, it plans to re-screen the 4DX version, which was screened for a limited time in 2019.

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