‘Dragon Ball Super Super Hero’ first appeared in 1st place! ‘Top Gun’ 2nd place, ‘Shin Ultraman’ 3rd place, 6th place new work ‘Mr. Takagi, who is good at teasing.’

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The domestic movie rankings from June 11th to 12th (national weekend box office results provided by the box office news agency) have been announced. The second movie adaptation of the TV anime ” Dragon Ball Super Super Hero ” (Toei), which was aired in 2015, mobilized 498,000 people in two days on Saturday and Sunday and won the first appearance with a profit of 670 million yen. .. Voice appearances include Masako Nozawa, Toshio Furukawa, and other existing members, as well as Miyu Irino, Hiroshi Kamiya and Mamoru Miyano. The director is Tetsuro Kodama, who was involved in the production of the 3D part in the previous work, ” Dragon Ball Super: Broly.”

” Top Gun Maverick ” (Toho Pictures), which had been in the lead for two weeks in a row, mobilized 418,000 people in two days on Saturdays and Sundays and raised a profit of 669 million yen, but ranked second. The cumulative total has mobilized 2.83 million people and exceeded the box office revenue of 4.3 billion yen. ” Shin Ultraman ” (Toho), which rallied 126,000 people and earned 203 million yen on Saturdays and Sundays, ranked third. The cumulative total has mobilized 2.39 million people and has exceeded 3.5 billion yen in revenue.

In the new work, ” Mr. Takagi, who is good at teasing the movie ” (Toho Imaging Division) ranked in 6th place. The movie version of the TV anime that was aired for three terms from 2018, based on the popular comic that won the 66th Shogakukan Manga Award (for boys) in 2021 and has exceeded the cumulative circulation of 11 million copies in the series. Under the supervision of the original author, Soichiro Yamamoto, the same staff members as the TV series, including director Hiroaki Akagi, have ended. Voice appearances include Rie Takahashi, Yuki Kaji, Konomi Kohara, and others.

Among the existing works, the 5th place ” Detective Conan Halloween Bride ” (Toho) has mobilized 6.3 million people and exceeded 8.7 billion yen in revenue. The 9th place ” Movie Crayon Shin-chan Mononoke Ninja Jinfuden ” (Toho) has mobilized 1.61 million people and has surpassed the box office revenue of 1.9 billion yen.

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