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KADOKAWA will release “OVERLORD: ESCAPE FROM NAZARICK,” a labyrinth exploration type action game based on the anime “Overlord,” on June 16th. In this work, one of the characters appearing in “Overlord,” the hero-class berserker Clementine, is the main character. Her big turn around the Nazarik underground tomb is depicted in the game’s original story.

In the prologue, the story unfolds the same way as the original. Clementine initially fights against Ains as a warrior, but after he reveals his identity, he is depicted as dying in a sword. And she woke up at the bottom of the Nazarik underground tomb. Having lost all of her memories and abilities, she was told by the great King of Death Ains to participate in an experiment and escape to the ground while exploring her labyrinth. Will be. This time, I was able to play the master version for PC before the release, so let’s deliver the preliminary review.

“Overlord” is an animated work based on a light novel by Mr. Kugane Maruyama. It is a dark fantasy that depicts the main character Ains who has reincarnated in a different world. Originally serialized on the novel posting site “Arcadia,” it was later published in “Let’s become a novelist,” and then the book version was released by KADOKAWA. In 2015, it began airing as a summer animation in July, and the movie was released in 2017. The 4th period of energy will start in July this year, but this work will be released on June 16th at the same time.

When I heard that the subject was anime, some people might be worried that “If you don’t take the aired anime, you won’t find it interesting at all …”. Of course, if you’re looking for depth in the world and story of the game, it’s best to watch the anime. However, let’s assert that there is no problem even if you start playing with such zero background knowledge. Instead, it’s a game for those who like labyrinth-searching action games and those who feel the exhilaration of filling the map.

Making a light action that makes you feel the first look

The player will operate the main character, Clementine, and proceed toward the ground from the bottom of the Nazarik underground tomb. As I mentioned at the beginning of her, she’s a heroic berserker. That’s pretty strong as a human, but she’s unreliable because she lost her abilities and memories at the beginning of the game. I have to start her search. At first, she doesn’t even have her weapon and is in a state of bare hands, but since she can instantly find her favorite sword, Stiletto, she first equips it and fights against the enemy.

The player character’s movement is very light, and if it is a step of about the height while dashing, it will automatically climb like a ton without jumping, so it feels pretty good to operate. Similarly, if you press the dash button, it will almost fall at the end of the aisle, or if you leave the lever (direction key cursor) in the place where you can reach it by jumping, it will fall unless it is perfect. But it climbs up. It’s an excellent specification that you don’t have to lose and start over because the distance was just a short distance like in the game a long time ago.

When exploring the stage developed in the side view, enemies seen in the fantasy world, such as skeletons and goblins, appear here and there. You can get mana by defeating them or collecting items that glow green along the way, but at first, you will proceed without knowing what to use. Then, a fountain appears when you find a big golden key in the labyrinth and use it in a place that seems to be a keyhole. Mana is used to pour into it; by doing this, Clementine’s abilities gradually power up. There are several other uses for mana, but I’ll explain them later.

Although the ability of the deprived character gradually returns, the player can also enjoy the RPG feeling that the weak character grows, adding fun to this work. It was the part that was felt.

Parkour’s action is the axis of Nazarik’s capture.

There are many gimmicks in the labyrinth, but the one that represents the feature of this work is called “parkour action .”When you jump to the point that glows blue on the screen and jump, Clementine spins around that point. In the meantime, select the direction you want to go and press the jump button to fly in that direction. Not only can you fly much farther than an average jump, but when you reach a wall, you can stick to it for a few seconds and then jump further up. At first, I was confused about the operation, but if I continue playing, I will be able to practice it naturally. There are many scenes where you have to cross the trap at the right time by using this, so it is a basic operation method.

Besides, as you progress through the game, you will remember the gust running that makes a high-speed dash, but if you jump in this state, you can not only jump farther but also run toward the wall, which is a vertical wall up to nearly three times your height. You will be able to run up. Combined with parkour action, it will be possible to invade previously thought impossible places, and the range of exploration will be significantly expanded. This is also difficult until you get used to it, but when you remember it, it feels good. If you can move brilliantly, you will inadvertently sprinkle brain juice.

Along the way, you can find not only the Stiletto, which is the primary weapon of Clementine, but also multiple sub-weapons such as short swords and daggers that can be switched to it. Sub-weapons have different attack ranges and speeds depending on the weapon, so it may be better to use them correctly each time. But I noticed I used only a few types, so don’t think deeply. But it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Stiletto has a narrow attack range and is not very powerful, so it is mainly used as a sub-weapon during the game.

Among such sub-weapons, Morningstar is in a unique standing position. You can use it for attacks and drive Morningstar into some of the yellow-painted ceilings and walls, climbing vertical passages in a triangular jump and tops. It can be moved like a trapeze. Many scenes require using Morningstar to combine parkour action, gale running, and movement. Still, the exhilaration when the operation is decided and breaks through is quite good. Once you get used to it, you can go through all kinds of situations. However, some people may be confused by the operation and frustrated.

When exploring the labyrinth, you may see “fire pots” without fire everywhere. By pouring mana into it, the fire will light up, and you will be able to strengthen the weapons that Clementine is equipped with. In that case, additional mana will be required, so defeat the enemy and collect it steadily, or collect a large amount of mana placed in a place that can not be obtained unless you move by making full use of parkour action. Let’s prepare. However, the map is always displayed at the bottom left of the screen, and you can always check it from the pause menu. There is often mana in the part where there is a gap, so let’s search for it as soon as you find it.

Learning the magic that is indispensable for breaking through traps

Even in the labyrinth where various devices are arranged, the gimmick where flames and electric shocks come out is conspicuous. Some of them can be timed, but you can’t break through the wall-shaped tricks that keep blowing out. Magic is necessary to clear this, there are three types of flame, thunder, and ice, and you can see what you are equipped with the icon on the upper left of the screen.

Damage of the same attribute as the selected magic is invalidated, so if you are equipped with flame magic, for example, you will be able to pass through the trap of the flame wall and prevent the enemy’s flame attack. In addition to getting the magic of fire in the early stages, if you can get the magic of lightning and ice past the middle stage, you will be able to explore the deep part of the labyrinth that was blocked by those traps so there is a discovery. Let’s go.

A trap that fused magic and parkour action was also waiting, but it was tough. I was frustrated every time I tried five times and six times and failed, but if I could clear it, I would forget it, so I wanted to do my best patiently.

It is not so if you go to the ground from the vast Nazarik underground tomb, but when you can move to a place where you could not get new magic, you will want to go to the previously unexplored area. However, it is hard to return to the labyrinth each time. Doors are placed in various parts of the map to do so. By pouring mana into it, you can move freely between doors. I also stopped moving forward when all three types of magic were available and went out to search for unexplored parts, but I’m grateful that the door didn’t bother me.

Familiar hierarchical guardians stand up as bosses.

Some of the characters in the anime’s central part stand up as boss characters to prevent Clementine from escaping from the ground. The first is Yuri Alpha, the eldest daughter of the maid team, “The Pleiades,” who has combat ability. She specializes in human bullet fighting, and she launches a powerful attack with her characteristics that her appearance is hazy and has a speed reminiscent of a short-range transfer. At this point, I was forced to struggle, probably because Clementine’s status wasn’t growing. It can be said that the shortcut to victory is to challenge her many times and grasp the attack pattern of the enemy.

After this, characters such as Entoma, Albedo, Charita, Hamusuke, and Cocytus will appear as formidable bosses. This also makes attacks that firmly reflect the characteristics of each character, so if you are a player who knows the feeling in animation, etc., it may be easier to imagine what kind of attack you will make and fight. I do not have. Even if you do not know, if you remember the behavior pattern of the opponent in the battle, you should be able to defeat it without any effort if you have some skill without stepping on several places so much.

In this way, if you look for a way to the ground and push up, the last thing to wait for is the battle with Ains. It may be challenging to see all the patterns because it will be attacked with various attacks that can not be compared with the past, but please clear it and see the ending.

You can enjoy it even if you don’t know the original work, and if you like exploratory action, you will love this one.

Because I initially liked exploratory and action games, I realized that I was so absorbed in playing to clearing almost one lap. The steps that the hero can take are not anything that can be done from the beginning but gradually increase, so it can be said that the move was very well-balanced without being unable to master it because it could not be remembered.

I thought it would be nice to have this, a function that allows you to write on a map. If I could write a memo where I couldn’t go, I could look back and remember, “I can’t go from here because there was no magic,” so I thought it would be very convenient if it could be realized. If it’s difficult, you may be able to export the entire map to an image file with the touch of a button.

In “OVERLORD: ESCAPE FROM NAZARICK,” you can choose the difficulty level from 3 types EASY, NORMAL, and HARD, but if you can clear one coin of the arcade game of the ’80s to ’90s with NORMAL, you can hum. I felt it was difficult enough to capture. The production will be in HARD mode.

On the contrary, it may be challenging for people who like “overload” but are not good at action games. The reason is that there are many places to move by making full use of parkour action and fighting with enemies. To climb a wall continuously or walk a tightrope on the ceiling well, it is necessary to operate the controller dexterously, so it doesn’t seem very easy for people who are not confident about that. This is the only part that can’t be helped because it doesn’t change, no matter how difficult.

If you like exploration from a side view perspective and don’t feel like you are not good at action games, you will be addicted to it without knowing the original story. We strongly recommend using a controller when playing. I also tried keyboard operation just in case, but when I got a Morningstar and could climb the wall, my fingers became tangled, and from there, it was tattered. It’s the perfect one to concentrate on playing during this time of the rainy season when it’s hard to go out.

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