‘East Ribe’ Tokyo Revengers event visual with founding members Takuya Eguchi appearing in the nightclub

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Event of TV animation “Tokyo Revengers” based on Ken Wakui “TV animation” Tokyo Revengers “Sube Akira Wei Bento-Tokyo Revengers Tachikawa Revengers- (Special Event-Tokyo Revengers Kawatsu Ringu-“)” Visual has been released.

The event, held at TACHIKAWA STAGE GARDEN in Tokyo on December 18, will be cast by Yuuki Shin, who plays Takemichi Hanagaki, and Yu Hayashi, who plays Manjiro Sano. The visuals show the founding members of Tokyo Revengers, such as Takemichi, Mikey, and Draken, gathering together during the touring break.

It has also been decided that Takuya Eguchi, who will play the role of Shuji Hanma, will appear in the night section of the event. In addition, the lineup of goods sold at the event is also open to the public. A pamphlet containing a roundtable discussion of the cast and a talisman of Tokyo Revengers that appeared in the 22nd episode of the anime will be on sale. General ticket sales will start tomorrow at 19:00 on December 1.

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