The sequels to the masterpiece manga that built an era. In some cases, will it be a ‘long-term serialization’ now?

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Aim for 200 volumes with dogfighting manga! ??

The sequel to the masterpiece manga once serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” and even animated may be serialized in another magazine. I was a fan of reading it when it was serialized, but some people may not know the sequel. For such people, I tried to follow the current state of typical popular manga.

First of all, “Kinnikuman” is still grasping readers’ hearts with surprising developments that match the new era while following past plans, such as recruiting superhumans and popular votes. Currently, it is being serialized in “Weekly Playboy.”

Originally a sequel, “Kinnikuman II,” the main character of which was the son of Kinnikuman (Kinnikuman), was serialized from 1997 to 2011. Still, it is a new series from 2011 in the form of inheriting it. It began.

More than ten years have passed since the serialization resumed, and the new series that redraws the story of Kinnikuman continues with “Perfect Superhuman Founder Edition,” “Omega Centauri’s Sixth Guest Edition,” and the current “Battle with Super God.” increase. The appearance of the characters of yesteryear and many mysteries that were left as hints in the old series have been clarified.

Another feature is reading the latest stories for free every week as a webcomic on the online distribution “Weekly Pre-NEWS.” It is delivered immediately after every Monday’s date change, but the line does not connect easily immediately after delivery. It seems that so many fans want to see it as soon as possible.

The sequel was serialized for a long time, “Silver Fang -The Shooting Star Gin-.” Currently, the sequel series is being serialized in “Weekly Manga Goraku.”

First of all, the main character “Weed,” the main character of the previous work, was serialized from 1999 to 2009 and was made into a TV animation in 2005. At this point, the serialization period of the previous work was four years, and it exceeded the record of 18 volumes of books. By the way, the book of “WEED” was 60 volumes in total.

After that, the story is centered on Weed’s son Orion and continues to “Ginga Densetsu WEED Orion,” “Ginga? THE LAST WARS?”, And “Ginga Densetsu Noah,” which is currently being serialized.

In the old work, we fought not only dogs but also bears and wolves. In the new work, we surprised fans with the strange development of fighting enemies such as experimental creatures, monkeys, and even mysterious tentacle lifeforms from space. Increase.

Mr. Yoshihiro Takahashi can be said to be “a leading figure in dogfighting manga.” The total number of books in the series, including the Gaiden, is 148 volumes, and Professor Takahashi said he would like to achieve 200 volumes in the series.

The sequel “Hokkaido” has been serialized in “Jump Square” since 2017 for “Rurouni Kenshin -Meiji Kenkaku Romantan-” which has become a hot topic in recent years as a live-action movie.

Initially, it was conceived after the last series of the previous work, “Hitotsu Hen,” but it seems that it was not drawn because “Kenshin’s drama has already ended with Himura Hen.” After that, the original author, Nobuhiro Watsuki, talked about resuming the serialization, saying, “When I was convinced that I could draw something good as a creator,” probably because of a change in my mind. That is precisely the time.

A baton touch from the original author to the next generation

The sequel does not have to start after moving to another magazine. “Captain Tsubasa” was serialized in 1993, five years after the end of the series, in a short-term intensive serialization of “Captain Tsubasa World Youth Special Edition Strongest Enemy! “World Youth Edition” has started serialization. This is probably because the J-League started in 1993, and the popularity of soccer in Japan has increased. Of course, the popularity of “Captain Tsubasa” initially boosted the popularity of soccer in Japan.

At the time of the “2002 FIFA World Cup”, the magazine will be moved to “Weekly Young Jump” and “Captain Tsubasa ROAD TO 2002” will be serialized. After that, “Captain Tsubasa GOLDEN-23” and “Captain Tsubasa Overseas Fierce Fighting Edition” continued, and now “Captain Tsubasa Rising Sun” that started with “Grand Jump” has been transferred to “Captain Tsubasa Magazine” and serialized.

Not only because of the large number of sequels but also because it has been made into a TV animation four times, it can be said that it is a famous work that has been recognized across generations.

Speaking of manga that has been animated many times, “Saint Seiya” is also a TV animation of manga written by various authors other than Masami Kurumada. A sequel to that animation is also produced for a long time. The work is being developed over. Among them, the work that should be called a legitimate sequel by Dr. Kurumada is “Saint Seiya NEXT DIMENSION Meiou Shinwa,” which has been serialized irregularly in “Weekly Shonen Champion” since 2006. However, the work is currently suspended for a long time.

The coat color is different from the works introduced so far, but I recommend another one. It is “Captain 2” serialized in “Grand Jump” as a sequel to “Play Ball.”

Originally, “Play Ball” was a spin-off manga depicting Takao Taniguchi’s high school days, the first main character of “Captain” that was serialized in “Monthly Shonen Jump” (a separate volume Shonen Jump at the beginning of the series). However, due to the poor physical condition of the author, Akio Chiba, both works ended in a well-separated place. At this time, Professor Chiba was planning the future development, and it seems that he was looking to resume the serialization. However, after that, Chiba-sensei was registered as a demon, and the sequel became an illusion.

However, the revival project of “Play Ball” was raised, and Koji Jokura, a fan of the same work, reproduced the touch at that time. The serialization of “Play Ball 2” will be serialized from 2017 to connect from the final episode of the previous work. Start with “Grand Jump.”

After that, from 2019, “Captain 2” will be serialized in “Grand Jump Mucha.” After graduating from Taniguchi and becoming the director of Sumitani High School, Kondo and his colleagues joined the story of “Captain” and “Play Ball” in the form of a merger.

So far, I have explained the sequels to the super popular manga that have even been animated. I prefer the revival serialization after a break rather than the long-term serialization. Do you have any works that you would like to see again and see the sequel?

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