‘EDENS ZERO’ Episode 15 Struggling with Jamirov’s cheat!

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The synopsis of the 15th episode of the TV anime “EDENS ZERO,” which has been on air since April 10, 2021, has arrived.

The original of “EDENS ZERO” is the SF (Space Fantasy) of the same name by Hiro Mashima, who has masterpieces such as “RAVE” and “FAIRY TAIL.” )Comic. It has been serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” (Kodansha) since 2018, and the latest 15 volumes of comics are on sale.

The story is about the encounter between Shiki, a boy who lives with machines in the dreamland of Granbell, and Rebecca, a girl who is a video distributor (B. Cuba) who will be visiting Japan for the first time in 100 years, and Happy, a blue cat. Start moving. Shiki and his friends immediately hit it off and became “friends.”

This little encounter will change their “fate.” Put your dreams in a world you haven’t seen yet, and the endless adventure of boys, girls, and blue cats begin! Episode 15 will start broadcasting nationwide from 24:55 on Saturday, July 17.

Synopsis, click here for the preceding cut! “I’m at Drakken Joe” -Shiki and his friends are stunned by Homura’s betrayal. However, another Homura in the form of a girl appears there. Shiki and his friends are confused by the two Homura. Homura says he was in captivity as soon as he arrived at Digitalis and chased the fake Homura who had escaped. Meanwhile, Hermit, who had closed his heart, advises Shiki and his friends who are struggling with Jamirov’s cheat- “You should use this cheat too.”[Staff] Screenplay: Mitsutaka Hirota / Storyboard: Yasuhiro Watanabe/ Director: Yoshihiro Mori / Animation director: Yurika Sako, Junya Kikuchi / Animation director: Teppei Okuda, Katsuhiro Kumagai, Atmosphere Eto, Noriyasu Yamauchi, Toyoaki Fukushima (C) Hiro Mashima / Kodansha / NTV

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