‘Eva’ and ‘Attack on Titan’ 2021 ten significant incidents of anime, comics, and games-Chinese media

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In China, “ACG” is used as a general term for anime, comics, and games. On the 5th, China’s news site/observer network posted an article entitled “2021 10 Major ACG Incidents”. The uproar over Japanese anime has also been elected.

“Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” ranked.

first in box office revenue First, “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” recorded box office revenue of 10.28 billion yen and became No. 1 in Japan’s 2021 annual box office revenue ranking. The article explains that “Evangelion is recognized as one of the greatest ACG works.” “The appearance changes people’s impressions of ACG, and I was impressed that it is possible to incorporate many elements such as psychology, philosophy, and consciousness into animation, and to give deep themes to anime works. “.

In addition, “In addition to attracting strong sympathy from the Japanese people in the story, everyone recognizes the influence overseas, and the Chinese translation version of” New Century Tentaka Warrior “aired in mainland China in 2000 ( Later, “New Century Evangelical Warrior”) was an opportunity to increase the number of fans of the series in the Chinese market. ” He added, “It has a great influence not only on the content but also on the industry, and the Japanese animation industry has inherited its production model.” “The story has come to an end, but the influence of the work will continue.” Stated.

Controversy over the completion of “Attack on Titan.”

On April 9, 2021, the serialization of the popular manga “Attack on Titan” was completed. The article is about the final episode, “The author Hajime Isayama ignored the hints and logic of the story and overturned the conventional setting, and the serialization overturned the image of the character that has been created for many years, etc. It brought about ahead. ” Many fans were not convinced that the hints ended uncollected and reported that a controversy had occurred.

“In the manga industry, market needs often determine the direction of content production,” he said. “In many cases, creators have to compromise to maximize the economic value of their work.” indicates. “How to connect your thoughts with the needs of the market is an important theme that many creators seek.”

Mystery of “Ultraman Tiga” deletion In

September, several anime works, including “Ultraman Tiga,” were deleted from the platform. Although it was republished after a while, some broadcast times remained deleted.

According to the “Investigation Report” released by the Jiangsu Consumer Rights Protection Committee in April regarding the cause of the deletion among Internet users, “Ultraman Tiga” has 43 “dark elements” such as violence. The view emerged that what was pointed out was related. However, the committee denied the relevance, saying that the content distributor’s deletion was a voluntary act.

Regarding this matter, the National Bureau of Telescope, which has jurisdiction over Chinese content, said, “We have resolutely boycotted the Internet broadcasting of anime including bad episodes and scenes such as violence, bloodiness, vulgarity and pornography, and excellent anime. I greatly support the broadcast. ” However, the article introduces that there were voices of opposition from Internet users, such as “there is no clear standard as to whether the work is violent.”

“League of Legends” becomes a social phenomenon-class animation. In

November, the anime series “Arcane” (9 episodes) of the popular game “League of Legends,” which is said to have more than 100 million players, will be released. Was done.

According to the article, the work won first place in 52 countries and regions worldwide. Even in China, the evaluation on the information site douban recorded a high number of 9.1 points (out of 10 points). The film is said to have taken six years to produce, even though it has only nine episodes, and its beautiful images, character design, and animation “have been positively reported even by the People’s Daily (Chinese Communist Party newspaper).” It is said that.

The article also introduces that the film has been nominated for nine categories at the 49th Annie Awards. This is the second record after “Dragon Quest,” which was nominated for ten categories, and “maybe the winner of the Annie Award.”

Kizuna AI’s activities will be suspended indefinitely Kizuna AI, a

Virtual YouTuber announced that it would suspend its activities indefinitely with the live performance on February 26, 2022, at the “5th Anniversary Delivery” on December 4.

The article is about Kizuna AI, which started its activities in 2016. He was appointed as a tourism PR ambassador by the Japan National Tourism Organization. ” “The market for virtual distributors was still in its infancy at the time, and Kizuna AI’s style shortened the distance with 2D fans and increased the stickiness of fans.”

“Strictly speaking, it may not be the first virtual star distributor, but her success not only showed the potential of this market to many but also paved the way for the subsequent operation of the virtual distributor. I opened it up. “

The “Details” Case of

The Chinese Animated Movie “Oshi Shonen” Some net users have a problem with the narrow eyes of the characters appearing in the Chinese animation movie “Oshi Shonen” released on December 17. It was seen.

The filmmaker argued, “The quest for a different aesthetic. Internet users are overreacting to their narrow eyes and lacking self-confidence,” but the pros and cons were divided. In China, food makers have recently been criticized for using narrow-eyed models for promotional posters, and they seem to be sensitive to similar issues.

Regarding this issue, the Chinese Communist Party newspaper, People’s Daily, states that “whether it is an advertisement or a work of art, the market can only be won by fully respecting the viewer.” And people need to develop a healthy aesthetic. They should appreciate and accept a variety of aesthetics. Patriotic is instinct but should not be labeled (details are Chinese insults) and turmoil. Should respond rationally. “

In addition to the article, “Video sharing site Bilibili acquired the original web cartoon site Ariyouki for 600 million yuan”, “Video distribution platform Aikigei, Youku (Yukoku), Tencent Video ( Tencent that Mishiki) has canceled a previous on-demand delivery, “Tencent anime “闘羅continent” on unauthorized use by the user of the video of the China TikTok Claimed compensation of 800 million yuan (about 14.5 billion yen) “,” In 2021, VR (virtual reality), AR (each super-reality), AI (artificial intelligence), NFT (non-substitutable token), etc. are capital “It was called” the first year of Metaverse “because of the popularity of the market” is listed as one of the ten major incidents.

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