The first off-shot visual of the movie ‘Yurucamp’ has been released! Announcement CM

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The latest movie in the anime “Yurucamp” series, “Yurucamp,” will reach a national roadshow in early summer 2022. Before that, the first off-shot visual that gives a glimpse of the characters’ daily lives is unveiled. In addition, a commercial for the movie announcement was also released.

“Yurucamp” is an outdoor girls story based on the manga serialized by Afro, who started serializing in “Manga Time Kirara Forward” and is currently transferring to “COMIC FUZ.” Set in Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures, this work is gaining popularity as it gently depicts high school girls camping and living their daily lives. As for anime, the first period of the TV series has been broadcast since January 2018, and the second period of the TV series has been broadcast since January 2021.

The off-shot visuals, which have been released one after another, give a glimpse of the characters’ daily lives, and the first one depicts Kakamigahara Nadeshiko. The finish is focused on characters with a slightly different atmosphere from the previous TV anime series.

Also, from January 6, 2022, the TV anime “Yurucamp △, “the first in the “Yurucamp △, “will be broadcast on all six stations, including TOKYO MX. The “Yurucamp △” series is the first broadcast on MBS TV, TV Aichi, and TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting, and this is the first broadcast on Shizuoka Broadcasting. I want to take this opportunity to check it out.

In addition, the announcement CM for the movie “Yurucamp” has also been released. It will also be aired during the first broadcast, which will be broadcast sequentially today. Looking back on the camps and travels that the characters have experienced so far, I would like to raise expectations for the central part of the movie “Yurucamp.”

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