Announcing the October distribution and cast of the anime ‘Gundam Breaker Batlog’ directed by Masami Obari

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It has been decided that the anime “Gundam Breaker Batlog” will be distributed on YouTube’s “Gundam Channel” in all six episodes from October. At the same time, key visuals, PV, cast, etc., were lifted at once.

This animation is produced as part of the “Gundam Breaker Batlog Project,” which strengthens the link between the “Gundam Breaker” series of games with the motif of Gunpla and the plastic models and Gunpla of the “Gundam” series. A story centered around the boys and girls of Gunpla Fighters is unfolded.

The role of Satsukino Misa, a girl who creates a Gunpla team bearing the name of the shopping street, and the role of Kadomatsu, who is in charge of the Gunpla battle team support engineer as a hobby, are the game “Gundam Breaker” to stop the Saito shopping street from becoming lonely. From “3”, Yuka Iguchi and Tomokazu Sugita will be in charge, respectively.

Kensho Ono, who was in the order of the main character’s voice in the app game “Gundam Breaker Mobile,” and Miyama, who invites Ryusei to the Gunpla club of Sokai High School, as Gunpla fighter who can win three high schools in individual battles. Yuki Takahashi will play the role of Sana, and Yuki Ono will continue to play the role of Eisen Touma, who is a good rival of Ryusei and aspires to be a professional fighter from “Gundam Breaker Mobile.” As it was revealed at the announcement of the “Gundam Breaker Batlog Project,” it was produced by Sunrise, and Masami Obari was named as the director.

Characters such as Mass facing the Gunpla battle will appear one after another in the PV. It contains the appearance of the Mass Gunpla being suddenly restrained, the incandescent Gunpla battle, and the formation of Gundam Barbatauros appearing in a suspicious light.

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