‘Eva’, ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’, ‘One Piece’ Anime movie revenue surpasses 10 billion yen Why?

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‘Eva’, ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’, ‘One Piece’ Anime movie revenue surpasses 10 billion yen Why?

The box office revenue (box office revenue) of “ONE PIECE FILM RED” has reached 10 billion yen. In recent years, the box office of animation movies has been vital, with “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” and “Theatrical Version Jujutsu Kaisen 0” surpassing the 10 billion yen mark. However, when it comes to anime films that topped 10 billion yen, it was the work of Studio Ghibli, Disney, and director Makoto Shinkai. So why are animated movies doing well?

The impact of Corona cannot be ignored.
Considering the rapid progress of anime movies, the impact of the new coronavirus cannot be ignored. To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus that spread worldwide in 2020, movie theaters were hit hard by the postponement of movies scheduled to be released one after another due to the trend of refraining from going out. As a result, I couldn’t watch movies anymore, reaffirming the charm of films that share emotions on a vast screen. Human beings sometimes strongly recognize the value only after losing it.

Then, at the time of the full-scale restart, “Theatrical version ‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’ Infinite Train Edition” (released in October 2020) appeared. Finally, “Devil’s Blade” will be completed in the spring of 2020, with the original manga at its peak popularity. While there is “Kimetsu Loss,” this work has monopolized the number of movie screens due to the absence of rival movies. From the first week, it made a tremendous amount of money at the box office, and it was reported by the general news media and caught the eye of the general public.

At the time, it surpassed the box office revenue of about 31.7 billion yen for the anime movie “Spirited Away” (released in 2001), which was treated as a record that could not be beaten, and eventually surpassed 40 billion yen. Furthermore, the hit “Kimetsu no Yaiba” proved great potential in the anime movie business. At the same time, it can be inferred that watching anime movies has become an option for people’s actions.

This trend will continue with the subsequent major work, “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version:||” (released in March 2021). Although this work was aimed at anime fans, it greatly surpassed the box office revenue of the past three series because it was the final work and used SNS. If it is a leading animation movie, you will be conscious of “10 billion yen”. Awareness is the first step towards achieving your goals. Also, for fans, the purpose of “10 billion yen box office revenue” is easy to understand, and it seems that there is also an aspect that makes it easy to get excited with catchy words such as “10 billion yen man”. Fans will find it worthwhile to support them, as they have an advertising effect enough to be talked about on social media.

High-quality benefits are also supported
To increase the movie’s box office, it is essential to expand the fan base, but at the same time, it is also necessary to have core fans… repeaters. The quality of content that can be watched repeatedly has become a “weapon” for increasing the number of audiences for animated films. However, it can be said that the high-quality “visitor benefits” are also boosted.

“Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” also provided many benefits, and many people came to see them. “Shin Eva” finally succeeded in preparing a booklet for fans. It was connected to the big breakthrough.

A long time ago, benefits were subtle and sometimes missed. For example, in the case of “film,” some people are happy when a good scene hits them, but otherwise, they are disappointed. But today’s visitor perks are well thought out and free of outliers. A long time ago, there was a bad connotation of “privilege sales,” but that connotation is fading.

And the environment of the film industry. Today’s movie theaters are mainly large “cinema complexes” that have multiple screens and are advantageous for attracting customers. A feature of cinema complexes is that they can flexibly manage the release of movies and can allocate more screens to famous works. In other words, while it works disadvantageously for jobs that do not attract audiences, popularity concentrates on specific results.

If the popularity is concentrated and the box office is doing well, it will become a media article and spread on SNS, increasing the number of spectators.

Differentiation from online distribution
“Nowadays, there are plenty of online video distribution services.” You may be wondering why the movie is so popular, as the content can be distributed (in some cases) several months after the animated film’s release. However, the movie’s live feeling stands out precisely because there is video distribution on the Internet. If you want to see the content, you can stream it online. However, it is only in a movie that you can share the atmosphere and reactions of the audience on the spot and get excited on the big screen.

In addition, since popular content such as manga and TV animation has been developed for a long time, the story is long, and consumers also require a certain amount of time. However, in the case of an animated movie, in principle, it will be settled in two hours.

For example, if it’s “One Piece,” it’s hard to read more than 100 original manga volumes. Of course, if you know all the settings, you can enjoy them deeply. However, even if you don’t know everything, if it’s a movie, you can follow the story, finish in two hours, and have a shared experience. It’s easy to see, and you can dig deeper if you’re addicted to it. One of the appeals of movies is that you can share your impressions with your friends after watching them.

“Naturally, the content is well-made and further elaborated.” While being conscious of the core fans, the production side seems to be able to enjoy it not only for the first time but also for the “returning group” who have left the content once.

Good content doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a hit, but good content has more potential. Therefore, it can be said that the “achievement” of “Kimetsu no Yaiba” has had a positive impact on other anime works and is still a “tailwind.”

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