Shirokuma Cafe: Shirokuma-kun and his friends welcome your Experience-based hotel

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TV anime “Shirokuma Cafe” room is now available as a new collaboration room at “EJ Anime Hotel” in “Tokorozawa Sakura Town” in Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture! Reservations will be accepted from Wednesday, July 28, 2021.

“EJ Anime Hotel” is an experience-based hotel that develops collaboration rooms with various IPs under the concept of “staying in your favorite story.” In addition to interior decoration and original goods, we offer a new sense of accommodation service by making full use of video, sound, and lighting. At the exclusive restaurant, you can enjoy a full-course dinner that expresses the world of collaborative works.

The combined “Shirokuma Cafe” is a heartwarming gag story of animals such as Shirokuma, who runs the cafe, and regular pandas, whose TV animation was broadcast in April 2012 based on the original work by Aloha Higa. It is still trendy, and it is a pleasure to realize a collaboration room at the EJ Anime Hotel. In this collaboration, under the theme of “Shirokuma Cafe Summer Picnic in EJ Anime Hotel,” there are many measures to spend a fun picnic time like a vacation with friends of “Shirokuma Cafe.”

In the collaboration room, in addition to the character panel to welcome you, character voice of the new recording through the mini-games by room-only smartphone, original goods which you can take home, the world of work followed full-course dinner will be served.

The implementation period is scheduled for August 27 (Friday) to November 26 (Friday), 2021, and reservations will start on the official website from today, July 28 (Wednesday)! The price is 22,000 to 30,800 yen per person per night (tax included/depending on the date of stay/service fee included). In addition, as a plan that non-guests can enjoy, we are planning to offer a collaboration lunch and a collaboration drink at the hotel restaurant Team, so why not check it out? (C) Higa Aloha / Shirokuma Cafe Production Committee 2012

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