Exclusive distribution of the original mini-animation ‘Petit Cool Doji Boys’ One Piece’ on dTV!

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The original mini-animation “Petit Cool Doji Boys” of the TV anime “Cool Doji Boys” will be exclusively distributed on dTV (R ) from March 20, 2023 (Monday). “Cool Guys” is Kokone Nata, currently serializing in “Gangan pixiv.

“A daily comedy about boys who are cool even when their teacher messes up. Forgetting your wallet, listening to music without earphones on the train, pretending to lift your glasses even though you are wearing contact lenses, sticking a straw in the opposite direction without realizing it is a bendable straw, or carrying a shoehorn mistaken for an umbrella.

If you see it, you will surely like it too. A clumsy comedy that makes you laugh and heal! This time, dTV (R) (renewed to Lemino from 4/12) has decided to exclusively distribute the original mini-animation “Petit Cool Doji Danshi no Hitokoma,” and a cute critical visual featuring mini characters has been released!

This work is a dTV original mini-character animation (2 episodes) that depicts a frame not drawn in the main anime of cool bumbling boys. Is something different when the usual bumbling becomes a “mini character”? Even if it looks cool, is it “Petit Cool”? It’s calm and relaxed, but it’s a mini-daily tale that’s a little different from the main anime about clumsy boys.

The synopsis of #1, delivered on March 20 (Monday), and #2, delivered on March 27 (Monday), have also been released! <#1 Synopsis (Monday, March 20, 25:55-Delivered)> “I feel like something will happen on a day with such a blue sky … I feel like I can meet glitter” One sunny morning, Hayate and Motoharu run into each other under the apartment. When Motoharu hears that Shun and Soma are coming to stay in Hayate’s room at night, his eyes sparkle as he wants to hang out with Takayuki too. And then the “sleepover party” of the cool bumbling boys begins.

Motoharu brings up the topic of Hayate’s graduation album, saying, “The ceremony when you first come to a friend’s house.” <#2 Synopsis (Monday, March 27, 25:55)> “This book… maybe it’s something that the owner likes so much that he talks about it passionately, or maybe it’s something that he reads all the time.”

Mawarimichi While spending time at the café, Shun finds a forgotten book, “The Lost Diary.” Hearing that he was not Takayuki’s forgotten item, Shun and Soma wonder if there is anything they can do to return it to its owner. However, neither Hayate, who is working part-time, nor Motoharu, the book’s author, have any idea who the owner is, so they have no clue. Will Shun be able to return the book to its owner? Please look forward to a mini daily story different from the TV anime!

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