‘How a Realist Hero Reconstruction of the Kingdom’ Episode 8, Disaster Occurrence, Rescue the Residents!

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The pre-cut and synopsis of the 8th episode of the TV anime “How a Realist Hero Reconstruction,” which is being broadcast on TOKYO MX / BS11 and others from July 3, 2021, has arrived. In addition, the 7th act of Web radio has also started distribution.

“How a Realist Hero Reconstruction” is a TV anime version of the original novel of the same name published by Overlap Bunko, whose work was published on the Web and gained popularity. The original series has exceeded 1 million copies (paper & electronic) and has been translated in North America, Asia, and overseas.

The main character, Kazuya Soma, is suddenly summoned as a hero to the kingdom of El Frieden in a different world like medieval Europe. The story is that he will develop new policies one after another from his rational spirit and modern knowledge and rebuild the fiscal and political system of the kingdom that was leaning.

Yusuke Kobayashi will play the main character Soma Kazuya, Inori Minase will play the heroine Lithia Elfrieden, and J.C.STAFF will produce the animation.

Episode 8 will start broadcasting on August 21.

An unprecedented crisis comes to Aisha’s hometown, Jingo no Mori. A lengthy rain causes a landslide, and half of the village is drunk.

As the 72-hour barrier, which is said to divide the lives of the victims, is approaching, Soma and his colleagues are desperately trying to rescue them.

Along with the on-air time of episode 8, an impression tweet campaign of episode 8 will be held on Twitter. A novelty uchiwa will be presented to 5 people by lottery.

In addition to this, a straightforward file gift project using the summer illustrations of Lithia & Tomoe, which was released last weekend from noon on the 20th, will also be held. For more information, check out the official Twitter program.

In addition, the 7th act of the WEB radio “Realist Speaker’s Kingdom Re-voice-Current Country Radio-,” which is being distributed on the official KING AMUSEMENT CREATIVE YouTube channel, has started distribution.

This time, Kazuyuki Okitsu, who plays Hakuya Kuonmin, will appear as a guest. Ikumi Hasegawa, who will play Aisha Udgard, will also appear as a guest on Act 9 of September 3 (updated). The story behind the recording will be told.

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