Expanding Sky! Pretty Cure, Episode 22! Grasshopper Monder’s Last Secret Plan!

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The TV anime “Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure”, the synopsis and preceding scene cut of the 22nd episode “Battamonder’s Last Secret Plan!”, which will be broadcast on Sunday, July 2, has been released.

The motif of this work is the “sky” that spreads endlessly. The theme is “Hero.” The keyword is “the world that spreads by knowing.” “Skyland,” a world in the sky, and “Solaseed City” surrounded by nature. Set in two cities, the new Pretty Cure is very active! Hop to a world that spreads infinitely like the sky! Step! Jump! The adventure of Pretty Cure begins now!

TV animation [Spreading Sky! Pretty Cure”, Episode 22 Synopsis & Scene Cut

Episode 22 “Grasshopper Monder’s Last Secret!”
Sora (CV. Akira Sekine) and others keep in touch with Skyland. In it, Veryberry tells information about the missing Shalala—many reports of seeing a woman in the same blue cloak as Shalala in the city at night. However, Mashiro (cv. Ai Kakuma), who heard that all the women disappeared immediately, said, “Really or not, even if we talk here, it won’t start.” do.

After contacting Sora, she tried to copy the words in the letter from Shalala into her hero notebook. She usually writes down any words she likes, but she wasn’t sure if she could carry out Shalala’s terms, “Don’t stop, hero girl,” and she couldn’t pick up the pen right away. It took courage for Sora, who thought she had to keep the words written in her notebook but could make up her mind, thanks to Mashiro pushing her forward. Sora confides to Mashiro.

Sora sees a woman in a blue cloak at a shopping mall with everyone else that evening. Sora instinctively runs after her,
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Expanding Sky! Pretty Cure Episode 22 Trailer “Grasshopper Monder’s Last Secret Plan!”

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