Expanding Sky! Pretty Cure, Episode 9! Fly Cure Wing!!

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The TV anime “Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure”, the synopsis and preceding scene cut of the 9th episode “Courageous Wings, Fly Cure Wing!!” which will be broadcast on April 2nd (Sun), has been released.

The motif of this work is the “sky” that spreads endlessly. The theme is “Hero.” The keyword is “the world that spreads by knowing.” “Skyland,” a world in the Sky, and “Solaseed City” surrounded by nature. Set in two cities, the new Pretty Cure is very active! Hop to a world that spreads infinitely like the Sky! Step! Jump! The adventure of Pretty Cure begins now!

TV animation [Spreading Sky! Pretty Cure”, Episode 9 Synopsis & Scene Cut

Episode 9 “Wings of Courage, Cure Wings to Fly!!”

While a disk-shaped Rambog piloted by Kabaton is rampaging in front of the station, El worries about Sora (CV. Akira Sekine) and Mashiro (CV. Ai Kakuma). (cv. Koga Aoi) runs out of the house, and Tsubasa (cv. Murase Ayumu) ​​sees her and follows her.

Sky and Prism, who confront Rambog, attempt a significant jump into the Sky, but they do not reach Rambog, who has risen further and are attacked instead. Meanwhile, her girlfriend L and Tsubasa have been found by Kabaton. Tsubasa tries to protect Elle, but she can only run around, and when she jumps into Elle’s sling, Rambog grabs her.

Sky and Prism, awakened by Ageha, who rushes over, use the Prism Ball with Ageha’s idea and aim for the Sky again, but they still can’t reach Rambog. On the other hand, Tsubasa desperately tried to protect Eru, who Kabaton captured, but there was nothing he could do, and he tried to jump out of the air to safeguard Eru.

(Screenplay: Ryunosuke Kanetsuki, Director: Kana Shinohara, Animation Director: Hitomi Matsuura, Art: Natsuko Tosugi)

Expanding Sky! Pretty Cure Episode 9 Trailer “Wings of Courage, Fly Cure Wings!!”

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