FantasticYouth sings the first ballad in the ending song of the anime “World Trigger”

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It was announced on the 8th that the duo  music unit “FantasticYouth” (FantasticYouth ) would sing the ending theme “Ungai Admiration” (announced later ) of the TV Asahi anime ” World Trigger ” 3rd season (starting in October).

The animation is different world visitors, from the sky閑遊true (Kuge, Yuma and), personnel-of Sakaisakai defense agencies to counter the aggression of the near-field people (neighbors) MikumoOsamu is, contact with the unknown world, A sci-fi action that depicts how you grow through battle.

“Ungai Admiration” is the unit’s first ballad song and will be the first anime tie-up. The two anime fans said, “I’m honored to be in charge of the ending theme. I enjoyed watching the 1st and 2nd, but at the same time, I enjoyed watching the 3rd with a slightly different mindset. I’m thrilled when it comes to anime. “

“I made it while thinking about the world and characters of my favorite” World Trigger. ” I would be happy if you could get excited with everyone. Thank you.”

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