Kenshi Yonezu’s new song game machine announced with ‘priority’ ‘Leaked’ has already been incorporated?

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The TV commercial for PlayStation (PS), in which artist Kenshi Yonezu appears, was broadcast on the 24th, and the new song “POP SONG” was unveiled. The information was provided was unique, so let’s look back.

Along with the announcement of “Kenshi Yonezu x PlayStation,” it was announced that Mr. Yonezu would be appointed as a commercial for PS. It was also mentioned that there was a movement during the 23rd.

Then, at midnight on the 23rd, the smartphones of the game fans rang. It was announced that if you access PS4 or PS5, you can see the new commercial one day earlier by lottery. It’s called “Early Access,” which gives you the right to access a specific person. However, I saw some people who couldn’t understand this mechanism and were confused that they couldn’t see it.

Although I wasn’t in the lottery, I enjoyed the new commercial immediately. Someone posted a new commercial on the net. Mr. Yonezu in the commercial may have been surprising to those who have the image of the blockbuster song “Lemon.”

And in the early morning of the 24th, the commercial was introduced on TV information programs. And it was also delivered on official YouTube at 8 am.

I will give one supplementary explanation for non-game fans. The announcement is “January 23rd” is named after the release date of the first PS, December 3rd. “1, 2, 3” is a PS catchphrase, and it’s one of the topics that make up the topic.

Mr. Yonezu seems to have participated in music production and ideas for transforming commercials and character design.

Mr. Yonezu’s label is SME Records, and PS is Sony Interactive Entertainment, so to put it bluntly, it’s a project within the Sony Group. However, the appointment of a big man named Kenshi Yonezu had an impact

And how to get this kind of information

(1) Just broadcast the commercial normally

(2) Announced on the company’s website/channel

(3) Press release distribution

It’s a story that ended with one of … You can see the enthusiasm to create a surprising topic, not just that.

Moreover, even if it is called “early access” to a limited number of people, it is clear that someone will release it into the sea of ​​the net. On the contrary, it is clear that “outflow” is also incorporated, and as a result, it has become reachable to those who want to see commercials.

Creating this kind of topic is a problem with other content as well. If you use the exact mechanism, you cannot avoid becoming a rut. Even if you issue a press release and aim for an article in the media, the article will be similar in content if you write from the press release. If so, the sender has no choice but to devise ways to reach the user.

The most significant point is probably that the new songs of famous artists were announced on the platform called game consoles. Moreover, it was possible to deliver the video only to specific people, ahead of the information program on TV. This mechanism seems to apply to music announcements by other artists and advanced PV releases of movies and anime.

Also, this early access is selected from the “PS Network” account. This measure is only for Japan, but if you are motivated, you can deploy it worldwide (104 million monthly active users).

Furthermore, the account has the attribute of “game lover,” and many of them are also users who provide services for a fee (PS Plus, the number of members is 47.2 million worldwide). It seems that these services are effective for increasing loyalty (user loyalty) to the users who are locked in.

Speaking of which, SIE was making various efforts when the PS5 was announced. What kind of mechanism will be done next? The PS5 itself is still popular, and it isn’t easy to run out of stock, but I would like to pay attention to it.

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