“Kimetsu no Yaiba” Honesty, Sumijiro’s 5 Impossible Impact Scenes Destructive Power on Naname!

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It was announced that the broadcast time of ” Kimetsu no Yaiba ” TV animation 2nd term ” Yukaku Hen ” will be 23:15 on Sunday in the nationwide Fuji TV series. The content will not change the original, and the fan’s voltage Is only going up.

The main character of “Kimetsu no Yaiba,” Tanjiro Kamado, is a kind-hearted boy with a family feeling. He spares no effort, is willing to work hard, reaches out to the weak, and sometimes even shows kindness to his enemy, the demon. However, since it is severe and natural enough to have a “do,” it is difficult to read the air, and it is possible to run into words and deeds that are too honest as the surroundings draw. As it is a good character, everyone will be surprised at the tremendous destructive power of Kanjiro at the time of KY going over Naname. In this article, I will introduce five carefully selected shock scenes because Sumijiro is too honest. In this article, there is a description of locations that have not been animated yet. Please be careful if you have not read the original manga. -Appeared in ” Yukaku Hen”! The shocking, funny face of Sumijiro, who is too honest The scene where Sumijiro’s personality is “too honest” is most clearly shown in “Yukaku Hen.” Umeda Tengen, a sound pillar that infiltrated the Yukaku and lost communicationSumiko (= Sumijiro), decided to work at “Tokitoya” to find his wife. When I tried to hear from the bald men about the whereabouts of Suma, one of Tengen’s wives, the story was interrupted by Koinatsu Oiran. However, Sumiko, who wants to find out about Suma, rushes to Koi Natsuka, who is wary, and tells a lie, “Suma Oiran is my … my … sister.”

This lie itself isn’t that tondemonai, but the face of the charcoal is to Demona! Sumijiro is so honest that he can’t make a regular face when lying. Therefore, at this time, the charcoal wrinkles between the eyebrows, the black eyes go up endlessly, and the teeth are exposed whether they are biting the lower lip, which is one of the most strange faces throughout the story. The scene that shocked Koi Natsuka and Kamuro so much that the vertical lines appeared on their faces was born from Sumijiro’s stupid honesty and sense of mission.

Too honest, Shiro Shiro’s throat stab sanctions. The overly natural personality of Sumijiro can make the other person angry. From the beginning, Shiro hated Sumijiro because he brought in trouble and said that he could not forgive anyone who would interfere with the time he spent with Tamashii. Then, according to Tamashii, he reluctantly guided Kanjiro and his friends to the hideout. When Tamashii tells Sumijiro that it took more than 200 years to become a demon, Shiro Shiro is the only one who is too honest. “How old is Tamase-san !?” Shiro Shiro cannot forgive Sumijiro, who asks his beloved Tamashii about his age. He pierces the throat of Sumijiro with an ominous sound of “Zusotsu” and rebukes his disrespect. Of course, Tamashii blames Shiro’s violence, but the angry face of Tamashii was also a Kyun element for him, saying, “The angry face is beautiful …”. I sympathize with the suffering from being struck by the throat, but I can say that Sumijiro is overwhelmingly blamed for the overly honest questions about the age of Tamashii. That’s right.

Too honest straight ball question that arrived in Shinobu’s heart On the other hand, even if it is a topic that you would not usually touch with the other person’s mind or hesitation, too honest Sumijiro listens with a straight ball with Suri. In some cases, the person who eats the food may inadvertently forgive and talk. When Sumijiro, who was injured in Mt. Natagumo, was treated at the butterfly house where the insect pillar, Kocho Shinobu, lived and was working hard on functional recovery training. At night, Shinobu comes to Kanjiro, practicing breathing on the roof, and tells Kanjiro his dream of getting along with the demon. However, Sumijiro struck her with a super-straight and simple word, “Are you angry?” After a brief moment, the painful and distressed Shinobu, who was hurt by his sister’s death, exhaled in his heart, not the usual “smiley and painful.” For her, who would have been determined to defeat her sister’s demon, Kanjiro’s overly honest and insensitive remarks, which she noticed the anger behind her smile, may have been grateful. Hey.

Sumijiro who is too honest anytime, anywhere, regardless of the other party

A too-real baptism of Sumijiro’s lousy luck, Inosuke, and Zeni, who are irreplaceable best friends, are of course baptized by Sumijiro’s too honest words and deeds. First of all, good luck. On the way to the drum mansion at the command of the headquarters, Zeni met a sad figure which clung to a girl in the middle of the road and cried. I think it’s also harmful to eat because of Kanjiro because the girl left and lost love. I think it’s bad, but it’s too honest to say, “Why are you so embarrassed?” There is no mercy. Then, after defeating the drum demon with Inosuke, who met at the drum mansion, there will be an out-of-field brawl over the boxed Mameko. He dropped the boar’s headbutt on Sumijiro’s headbutt, exposed his neat face, and shouted to Inosuke, who was terrifying, “I think it’s okay to be small and fair!” If you think about it, Sumijiro is too free to speak despite being a fight, such as listening to the Chinese characters of Inosuke’s name. Even after that, he did not ride on various provocations of Inosuke and demonstrated the kindness that did not engage, making Inosuke even more frustrated.

Sumijiro-bushi with no mercy on the pillars Sumijiro’s overly simple words and deeds are the same regardless of who the other person is or who he is in. It doesn’t get sunny, and there is no sontaku. ” Yukaku HenWhile swearing at him, such as “people kidnapping” and “metamorphosis,” he says, “I don’t recognize you as a pillar !! Even if the other party is a pillar, I will not flinch. The words and deeds that were too honest about Sumijiro’s pillar were against the wind pillar, Immortal River Miya. When Miya, who wasn’t friendly at all from the beginning, said, “Don’t get in the way, I don’t admit Temee,” Sumijiro said, “It’s okay! I don’t admit you either! “I stabbed you!” With a sharp face. As expected, Miya said, “I have good courage …” She smiled with a black smile. As for Miya, there were some unscrupulous but too honest remarks, such as being dismissed as a favorite of Ohagi. * * * In addition, I couldn’t hit Kyogai and Akaza unexpectedly. I shouted “Foot grandfather” to Purgatory Makishiro, the father of the flame pillar Purgatory Anjuro, and Immortal River Gen. I was told to break my arm by fighting with Ya. I was told that I was a “purgatory child” and said that I was the son of Sumijuro and Aoe. There are scenes where you can laugh. Would you please tell us the shocking scene that is too honest for Sumijiro that remains in your heart?

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