Four characters were sent off because they were too strong. ‘I don’t need other characters’ The author couldn’t handle it.

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Some characters couldn’t even activate the technique.

In the manga, characters with extraordinary strength can easily defeat enemies with cheat-class abilities and skills often appear. While gaining reader popularity due to its overwhelming power and impact, it can be too strong to interfere with story development. This time, I will look back on the unfortunate characters sent off because they were the strongest.

Since then, there have been descriptions of scenes that have not been animated yet. Please be careful if you have not read the original manga.

First is the Nov of “HUNTER x HUNTER”. He is free to manipulate the space, avoiding attacks and killing enemies instantly. Nevertheless, when I witnessed an extraordinary aura of the enemy, I lost my fighting spirit and was sent off, saying, “That ferocious aura …” “I just saw it, and my spirit broke … !!” rice field. On the internet, voices are saying, “Nov’s ability is too cheat, so I balanced it with the tofu mental setting”, but I still advocate “I think I could have defeated Melem (King of Chimera Ant) with Nov’s ability”. There are many voices.

Also, the Fugo stand “Purple Haze” depicted in “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” was too dangerous even to appear. A ridiculous rampage that infects Fugo himself with his vicious standability to spread the murder virus and is out of control. After all, with only one announcement, he was sent off before the decisive battle with Las Boss. Many voices say, “No matter how you think about Fugo’s ability, it is suitable for enemy characters.”

Next is Satoru Gojo, the “strongest magician” who recognizes himself and others in “Jujutsu Kaisen”. During the work, I was addicted to the enemy’s plan and was sealed with “Gokumon”, but it is thought that it was filled with too much strength in the play. In an interview, the author, Gege Akutami, revealed that Satoru Gojo thought from the beginning that he was too strong and would get in the way. Even among fans, he is no longer treated as a resident of another world, saying, “Only Gojo lives on the world line of Dragon Ball.” In the play, Ryoko says that the seal of Gojo will be broken “100 years later … No, 1000 years later”, but is there a resurrection by the final episode?

Finally, the exit due to an honorary injury would be the standard form of “My Hero Academia”. Million, one of the “Big 3” of Yuei High School, was said to be the closest to No. 1, including professionals. However, he kept the girl behind and lost his personality (ability) when an enemy’s ammunition hit him. No matter how robust and reliable a hero is, it doesn’t seem to be able to withstand the waves of the story.

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