4 ‘Caution’ demons from ‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’! Scary, unpleasant and traumatic?

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A demon who is horrifying enough to faint

Tanjiro Kamado’s “Kimetsutai” and “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, which depicts the death battle of “Oni”, are also impressive points in the episode that “In fact, each of the demons had a sad past.” However, even after deducting that sad past, many demons looked so creepy that they could be traumatized. Introducing “disgusting”, “eerie”, “gross”, and such “reading attention” demons this time.

Hand demon

First of all, it is the “hand demon” that Sumijiro fought in the final selection of the demon slaughter corps. A cruel demon had survived for many years, eating about 50 demon slaughter corps candidates, including 13 disciples of Rakutaki, in a place surrounded by wisteria flowers called Mt. It looks like a thick arm that grows from the body wrapped around a tongue. Each component has some blood vessel muscles. This alone is creepy enough, but in the TV anime version, the whole body is drawn in a colour that looks like a combination of green and brown, making it even more creepy. By the way, the reason for this appearance is related to “the memory that his brother always held hands when he was a human being”. It’s a poor demon, but the visual impact was too significant.

Brother spider

Next is the “brother spider” in the “Natagumo Mountain Edition”. He is the elder brother of Kasane, the lower string, and has a spider body and a human face. While Kasane and other demons look like humans, he is pretty “spider-friendly.” He is almost a spider. Moreover, a type of spider with fine hairs all over the body. It was human-sized, so if you’re not good at spiders, you don’t want to meet. Yoshiyasu, who met this, also drew quite a bit in the first reaction, saying, “Big! Big!! It’s too big !!”. By the way, this spider has a terrifying poison that “spiders” the person it bites. The figures of humans about to become spiders are also drawn in work, and there is a rather horror atmosphere. I feel that the goodness that fought brilliantly while fainting against such an enemy could be praised more.

The demon who is extremely twisted in appearance and personality

Ichi of the lower string, Yume

Next is the first string, Enmu, which appeared in the “Infinite Train Edition”. He has a distorted personality, such as “I like to show nightmares after showing happy dreams to humans” and “I like humans’ distorted faces”, but the first appearance in Western clothes with a neat face. It is a gentleman who dresses up.

However, the actual production is from the middle of “Infinite Train Edition”. When Tanjiro breaks through the art of “happy dreams” of Tanjiro and looks like he has slashed his neck, Tanjiro exposes himself assimilated with the train. The appearance of Yume, whose undulating and moving offal-like parts and only the neck are connected, is quite shocking. After that, the entire train transforms like offal and swells, transforming into a colossal monster. This body was depicted in red-black colour in the anime, which added to his discomfort. By the way, Inosuke, who was fighting on the train (the body of Yume), clearly stated his impression, “Kimotsu!”.

First string sword and ball jar

The last is Gyokuko, the first string sword that appears in “Swordsmith’s Village”. A demon integrated with the jar, his legs are hidden in the pot, and his long body sticks out. And there are many hands on the side of the body, just like a centipede. This alone is gloomy enough, but the face design is also unique, and the two eyes are in the shape of the mouth.

His way of fighting is neat and cowardly. When he fought against Kasumi Pillar, Tokito Muichiro, he also mercilessly attacked Kotetsu and Tetsuanamori, and there was a scene in which Muichiro was injured.

The self-evaluation is relatively high for such an appearance … I am voicing a line to Muichiro saying, “My beautiful elegance … I can’t understand elegance because you are an uncultivated poor man.” However, on the contrary, when Muichiro asked, “Isn’t that pot shape distorted?”

Speaking of “Kimetsu no Yaiba” demons, you tend to look at stylish demons such as the cool-looking first-string sword, Akaza, and the fascinating beauty of the first-string land, Daki. Am. However, sometimes it may be interesting to pay attention to the “reading attention” demons that complement such visual demons.

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