‘SPY×FAMILY’ Anya’s English book will be released, and several pages of content will be removed with stickers

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Shueisha has announced that it will release the first edition of the “SPY x FAMILY Workbook,” “Anya and My First English,” on December 15th, where you can learn about characters from the manga “SPY x FAMILY.” has become compulsory for third-grade elementary school students.

This book complies with the new curriculum guidelines for elementary schools, allows you to listen to pronunciation using two-dimensional codes, and introduces the popular vocal learning method “phonics.” You can also have fun memorizing the alphabet, English words, and phrases that can be used in daily life while completing missions such as mazes, coloring, and connecting the dots with Anya and her friends.

It also comes with cute stickers of the “SPY x FAMILY” characters, making it a perfect book for preparing for elementary school English studies. Furthermore, in 2024, the series will be continued with “Anya and My First Programming” and “Anya Calls!” “Illustration Lesson (tentative)” is also scheduled to be published.

The main character of “SPY x FAMILY” is Lloyd, a talented spy who works daily on intelligence missions to improve the world.

A special mission arrives for him. He aimed to “create a family and infiltrate a certain prestigious elementary school.” For that purpose, the child he took in, Anya, had supernatural powers, and his wife, Yor, with whom he proposed a contract marriage, was an assassin—a spy action comedy about building a family and taking on missions.

The original manga has been serialized on the manga app “Shonen Jump +” since March 2019 and is a famous work with a cumulative circulation of over 31 million copies.

The first season of the TV anime will be broadcast from April to June 2022, the second season will be published from October to December, the second season will be broadcast from October 2023, and the second season will be broadcast from December 2023. A theatrical version will be released.

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