Four selections of poisonous characters from manga overturning the image of “cowardly” it’s brilliantly cool!

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Chief of fear to rule Impel Down with poison

The fighting method of “poisoning” tends to be a cowardly image, but there are many cool “poisoners” characters in the manga. This time, we will introduce characters with the potent poison.

“Kimetsu no Yaiba” Kocho Shinobu

Shinobu Kocho, the user of “Insect Breathing,” appears in “Kimetsu no Yaiba.” She is 151 cm tall and weighs 37 kg, and although she is the weakest of the pillars and does not have the strength to cut the demon’s neck, she instead has the demon’s primary weakness, the wisteria poison. Is used. She poisons her sword, and instead of slashing her neck, she uses the fastest stab in the pillar to poison the demon. Her sword can change the poison she uses by putting it in her scabbard, and she also has a vast amount of knowledge about poison and medicine.

In the first appearance, he is “poisonous” in terms of personality, such as dealing with the family and sister spider of Mt. Although he showed a lot of sides, he is originally a kind woman. Shinobu in the TV anime still offers only a part of her ability. It will be a long time before the scene where she shows her true character as a pillar and as her “poisoner” is drawn.

“ONE PIECE” Magellan

Magellan, the chief of Impel Down, stood in front of Luffy and others in the “Impel Down Edition” of the blockbuster manga “ONE PIECE.” Among the super-strict undersea prisons that are said to be impossible to jailbreak, the most significant barrier is his ability to be too vicious “Dokudoku no Mi.” As the name implies, Magellan usually eats poisoned meals, and when fighting, he can freely manipulate and attack the strength and type of poison, the shape of gas, liquid, gel, solid, etc. He was poisonous to sighs and spit, so it was difficult even to approach him, and Luffy, who fought him, was cornered to the brink of death.

However, the poisonous life also damages oneself and has the profound side effect of staying in the bathroom for 10 hours due to diarrhea every day. It was explained that the actual operating time is about 4 hours a day, but even the “Blackbeard Pirates” are powerful enough to take on and overwhelm them, so that’s enough. He is poisonous, but he also has a strong sense of responsibility, is subordinate, and is a reliable man with high command ability. Magellan has been demoted to Deputy Chief in the case of missing Luffy and others, but he is likely to reappear as a strong enemy in the future.

Is the “poisonous hand” that often appears in the manga too dangerous?

“Baki” Ryuko Yanagi

Ryuko Yanagi is a man who appeared in the “Most Deadly Prisoner Edition” of the second part of the fighting manga series “Baki” by Keisuke Itagaki. He used to be a strong man who crushed the left eye of master Gouki Shibukawa, and although he was small in height, he stood in front of Baki and others by making full use of various techniques called “Kudo.”

He is also influential in “whistling” and “dark weapons,” but Yanagi’s greatest weapon is the “poison” that comes out of his hand. His first is “empty palm,” which creates a vacuum section in his palm and causes the opponent to inhale a gas with “oxygen concentration of 6% or less” to faint. The other is “poisonous hands,” which you can get by repeatedly washing with a washing agent by putting your hands in “poisonous sand,” a mixture of various poisons. According to Yanagi’s master, Master Kunimatsu, he is poisonous enough to “rot both meat and bone marrow.”

Yanagi fainted Baki with a single blow in the early stages. Although he lost in the rematch, the poisoner pushed Baki to the brink of death (after that, Baki was another poisoner in China. The poison is “neutralized” by fighting the user, Lee Kaioh). Yanagi was the best in his skill and killing ability among the death penalty prisoners. Still eventually, he was defeated by Izo Motobe in the park and was stabbed by Yujiro Hanma (his jaw was crushed). , His left hand becomes a prosthetic hand but survives).

By the way, this “poison hand” has different means and powers to acquire, but other works such as Kagekei of “Kai !! Otokojuku” and Moth Snake Insect of “Fighter !! Ramen Otoko”. I also use the character of. It is said to be a “strange fist” that exists in Shorinji Kempo, but it can be said that it is too dangerous for the user even after wearing it.


Coco, one of the four gastronomic kings of the gourmet battle manga “Toriko,” is a “dangerous creature” whose whole body is highly poisonous, contrary to its sweet mask. With a unique constitution that can ingest more than 500 kinds of poison in a short period, you can shoot poison like a machine gun, use poisonous spears and swords of tremendous strength, and manipulate “poison dolls” made with a large amount of poison. It shows dozens of poison-related techniques, and its versatility is endless.

The gourmet cell demon “Poison Devil” that once dominated the giant planet lurks in Coco’s body. As a result of powering up, it is now possible to make the opponent addicted to the poison of self-confidence and put it under his control. In addition, it has excellent vision as well as poisonous ability. It can also read infrared, ultraviolet, and electromagnetic waves dwelling in the other party to fortune-telling.

By the way, his “full-course” drink “Atom” is a magma erupted from the cloud volcano “Cloud Mountain” in the gourmet world, sucking a large number of toxic substances in the universe and falling. The master of the universe, Tairan, managed to cook and drink it. It’s probably ridiculously delicious, but I can’t imagine what it tastes like.

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