Just hold your left hand. Hanamichi Sakuragi’s version of ‘THE FIRST SLAM DUNK’ latest 15 seconds video

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The latest video of ” THE FIRST SLAM DUNK,” which is a new animated movie of the huge basketball manga ” SLAM DUNK, “is on Toei Animation’s official YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3k9YOQYt-g)—delivered in. This time, it is a 15-second video focusing on the original work’s main character, Hanamichi Sakuragi.

” THE FIRST SLAM DUNK,” directed and written by the original author Takehiko Inoue, will be released on December 3rd. The video begins with the top “10 days left”, and while a shirtless Sakuragi is practicing shooting in the gymnasium, you can hear the lines that fans of the original will be irresistible. After that, a shout of “Woooo” and a figure trying to rebound are shown.

This video is of Sakuragi, who is drawn as the main character in the original work. During his junior high school days, he spent all his time fighting, and his red-haired regent was his trademark. Immediately after entering Shohoku High School, he fell in love at first sight with Haruko, the younger sister of Takanori Akagi, the captain of the basketball club. He joined the basketball club as he was invited.

At first, he was a beginner who didn’t even know the rules, but he multiplied with unique physical ability and a competitive personality. He is a genius when it comes to rebounding. There are many cases where he utters famous words during the game, such as “I have decided to be Danko,” which is memorable for many fans.

“SLAM DUNK,” which was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” from 1990 to 1996, depicts the personal growth of high school basketball players, and the series has sold over 120 million copies in Japan.

It is also known for the overwhelming support of junior high and high school students for the game’s thrilling depictions, the characters who bet their youth on basketball, and the influence that many boys and girls started playing basketball. The movie will be released nationwide on December 3rd.

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