Inio Asano’s work will be animated for the first time ‘Dead Dead Demon’s Dede De Destruction’ will be animated.

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Inio Asano’s manga ” Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction ” (commonly known as Dededede) has been decided to be made into TV animation. A special video containing Mr Asano’s comments, illustrations are drawn, and the animation production site was announced. Mr Asano has worked on famous works such as ” Solanin ” and “Goodnight Punpun”, but this is the first time his work has been animated.

The series, which started in 2014, depicts girls who continue to send “everyday life that seems normal but something has changed decisively” in a world threatened by an existence called an invader. Dystopia Youth Tan “. The final episode of “Weekly Big Comic Spirits No. 13” (published by Shogakukan), released on February 28, will be completed, and the book will be met with 12 volumes released on March 30. So far, he has won the 66th Shogakukan Manga Award for the general public and the 25th Cultural Agency Media Arts Festival Manga Division Excellence Award.

Animation production is in charge of Production + h. Of “The Orbital Children”. The unique video released recently captures the scene of the animation production site where Mr Asano exchanges opinions with the staff of Production + h.

This is an animated version of “Dededede”. In a long-term serialization of eight years, the world has changed a lot, it seems that it is not, but in the time that has passed, it is an essential and universal work that will not fade no matter how much time passes. I am proud that I was able to leave it inside. The story is no longer told in the original story, but this time, experience the very complicated and straightforward world of “Dededede” through the moving gates and the appearance of the Ontan. “Dededede” does not end. And the gate and the ontan are “absolute”.

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