‘Fruit Basket -prelude’ will be held seven times after the release, and Manaka Iwami and others will be on stage.

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After releasing the anime “Fruit Basket -prelude” based on Natsuki Takaya, it was decided to hold a stage greeting.

After the release, the stage greetings will be seven times in total. From February 23, it will be held sequentially from Tokyo / Shinjuku Baltic 9, Kanagawa / Yokohama Burg 13, Saitama / MOVIX Saitama. Among them, Manaka Iwami, who played Tohru Honda, and one cast member took the stage in the 4th inning, which was titled “Let’s look back on the TV series with Tohru.” Ayumi Ishida (Morning Musume), as a fan of “Fruit Basket”, will take turns participating in the three episodes entitled “Must-see! ’22) will appear. The dates, venues, and speakers for each event are listed at the end of the article.

In addition, duplicate original TV series images will be distributed to visitors daily. An appendix-style “Fruva can case” will also be presented. In addition, we are looking for questions to the staff cast for the stage greetings. You can apply from the dedicated form until 23:59 on February 13.

Lawson Ticket accepts applications for the pre-request lottery advance of the cast stage ticket from February 4 to 6th at 23:59 today. It will be on sale from 20:00 on February 11. And the staff talk ticket will be on sale on February 6 at Shinjuku Wald 9 site KINEZO only if there are seats left they will be handled at the theatre window from the time of opening on the same day.

“Fruit Basket -prelude-” is a story of Tohru’s parents, Kyoko Honda and Katsuya, along with the omnibus of the TV series. It will be released at theatres nationwide on February 18.

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