Yu Kobayashi’s birthday commemoration! What is your favourite character? 3rd place ‘Hypmai’ Toho Tenotojo, 2nd place ‘Attack on Titan’ Sasha, 1st place ‘Gintama’ Sarutobi Ayame

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Yu Kobayashi started her activities as a voice actor in the 2000s. She won the New Actress Award at the 2nd Seiyu Awards.

In 2021, she appeared in a wide range of titles such as “Attack on Titan”, “Digimon Ghost Game”, “Arcane”, and “Vlad Love”. In 2022, she will appear in original works such as “Vampire in the Garden”.

Anime there! Anime! Then, with the feeling of celebrating Yu Kobayashi’s birthday, we conducted a reader survey entitled “What is your favourite character you played?” Continuing from last year. We received responses from 288 people during the survey period from January 17th to January 24th.

The male-female ratio is about 35% for males and about 65% for females, which is many females. About 65% of the age group was 19 years old or younger, and about 20% were in their 20s.

Various characters are gathered regardless of gender!

Sarutobi Ayame from “Gintama”. Her approval rating was about 33 per cent, the highest since last year.

Sarutobi Ayame is Kunoichi who loves the main character, Gintoki. “Among Gintama, which has many characters with strong habits, Sacchan is a particularly blunt character. The difference between the serious time and the gag part is interesting.” “It’s wonderful”, “Sacchan’s runaway part has been drawn out, even more, thanks to Yu-san, and it has become a character that is more impressive than the original.”

Sasha Braus from “Attack on Titan”. The approval rating was about 27%, keeping the same ranking as last year.

Sasha is a member of the training corps who loves to eat. “The motive for joining the group was easy because I could eat delicious food, but I was paying attention to her who became stronger both physically and mentally,” said the character who appeared from the beginning of the story, so many fans have a strong feeling for it. It’s a story.

Although she has many comical scenes, she touched on the stage where she said, “I usually use honorifics, but I like dialects that appear occasionally. I can’t forget the line” Run Kai !! “when helping Kaya in my hometown.” There was also.

Toho Tenotojo from “Hypnosismic -Division Rap Battle-“. Her approval rating is about 8 per cent, up from 4th place last year.

Toho Tenotojo is the head of the Konoha Party and the Prime Minister. Her overwhelming presence is her charm, saying that “the feeling of the last boss when playing her maiden is amazing” and “the aura that makes her think that she is not comparable” is the best. She has captured the hearts of fans even on rap, saying, “Her behaviour that she showed at her life was the maiden-same itself!”

“Seitokai Yakuindomo,” Yokoshima Naruko said, “Even though I’m a teacher, my words and actions are that of a child.

“Fate / Grand Order,” Enkidu says, “I like the inorganic voice because of the difficult character of having no gender.”

“Inazuma Eleven GO,” Ranmaru Kirino said, “It looks cute, but it’s cool in the field! For Kirino-Kun, who has a passion for soccer, the boy voice that conveys Yu-san’s straightness is perfect.”

“STEINS; GATE,” Urushibara Luka said, “I’m a boy, but it’s insanely cute. When I grew up and became an adult, my voice was cool and cool, and I was impressed by Yu-san,” several male characters also voted.

In the 2022 survey, the top two are far ahead of the others. Characters other than men and humans are also ranked in, and it can be reconfirmed that they have played various roles.

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