Get rid of unwanted hair! The Nagoya Sakae store, a men’s hair removal salon that collaborated with “Attack on Titan,”

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The Nagoya Sakae store, the first store of “Animes,” a men’s hair removal specialty store with an anime concept, opened on September 16.

Animenz is the first next-generation hair removal salon in the industry’s history that combines men’s hair removal and animation. This time, we decided to collaborate with the popular manga/anime “Attack on Titan,” which was completed while being missed by many fans this year.

Characters are drawn everywhere in the store to welcome customers. Now, those who come to the store will receive an original sterilization sheet designed by “Attack on Titan” first-come, first-served basis.

On September 16, 2021, the first Furuya Sakae store finally opened. We are planning to open stores nationwide in the future.

September 29 Umeda store opened
October 8 Sendai store opened
October 12 Shinjuku store opened
October 18 Hamamatsu store opened
October 22 Hakata store opened

Scheduled to open one after another in other areas nationwide!
During October
2021 During November 2021, Funabashi, Shizuoka, Ogura
After that Ikebukuro, Utsunomiya, Maebashi, Kashiwa, Yokohama, Kawasaki, etc.

The Twitter campaign is also running until September 18 (Sat)!

Furthermore, in commemoration of Animenz OPEN, we will hold a Twitter campaign where ten people will win the Attack on Titan design original sterilization sheet by lottery!

All members! Get rid of unwanted hair!

(1) You can thoroughly eliminate unwanted hair with all-you-can-eat.
We offer “all-you-can-eat” hair removal so that customers can get out of the wall and fly freely to the outside world.

(2) Animenz’s custom-made hair removal machine causes less pain.
We have independently developed the latest three-dimensional hair removal device equipped with an ultra-cooling function. A hair removal machine improved exclusively for men suppresses pain and eliminates thick and thick hair.

(3) Treatment by a highly skilled technician.
Hair removal technicians who have undergone special training thoroughly eliminate beards and waste hair that appear even if they are defeated, so you can go there with peace of mind.

(4) No cost other than the plan fee.
We offer free counseling and patch tests. In addition, the lotion after the treatment is free. There are no additional charges on weekends or weekday nights, reservation cancellation fees, etc.

(5) It is easy to go to the stores nationwide, with stores opening one after another.
We are planning to open stores nationwide to make it easier to make reservations!

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