‘Kaguya-Sama is once again a hot topic in the special ED video, and the main story is also in rap style, ‘Hypmai?’ ‘Another animation’

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The fifth episode of the third season of the TV anime “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you genius’s love brain battle-” “Kaguya-Sama wants to tell-Ultra Romantic-” will be broadcast on TOKYO MX etc. at midnight on the 6th. rice field. The story of the characters showing off their rap is unfolding, and on the net, “Hypnosismic?” “Another anime” and so on are exciting. In addition, the ending was also a special ending video that was different from the usual one, and it was released on the official YouTube channel with rap-like content.

today’s broadcast, a story was unfolded in which Tone-deaf Shirogane conveys his feelings to Hayasaka with a rap. Shiragin has no sense of rhythm, and his singing voice is desperate because he is deaf, and the person who listens to the singing voice faints. Hayasaka was impressed by how Shirogane practised desperately and showed off his rap.

On the internet, he responded to this figure with “Wow!”, “Isn’t it another anime?”, “Hypnosismic 2nd term?” On Twitter, “Kaguya-Sama” is showing excitement to become the number one trend.

In addition, the ending after the main story will be “My Nonfiction” sung by Miyuki Shirogane (CV: Makoto Furukawa) & Chika Fujiwara (CV: Konomi Kohara) with a special ending video, and animator Vynz Allen “Vercreek” Lopez For this special video that served as the director. Akkogorilla, who was in charge of writing / composing, commented, “I think the moment when Shirogane shows off his rap is the most hip-hop scene.”

In addition, as a special ED video of “Kaguya-sama”, since the ending of the first episode 3 of the 2019 broadcast “Chikatto Chika Chikatsu ◆”, the previous work has attracted a lot of attention and YouTube. It has exceeded 28 million views above and is still increasing the number views.

Set in Shuchiin Gakuen, where geniuses gather, this work is a “brain war love comedy” that depicts the tactics in the love affair between the vice-chairman Shinomiya and the chairman Shiragin Goyuki, who met at the student organization. They should be drawn to each other, but their pride is so high that they can’t be honest, and they are drawn to thinking about “how to make them confess to the other party”.

The original is a popular manga that started serialization in “Special Edition Miracle Jump” in 2015, transferred to “Weekly Young Jump” in 2016, and is still serialized. The first period of TV animation will be broadcast from January to March 2019, and the second period will be broadcast from April to June 2008. It has also been made into a live-action movie starring Sho Hirano of the popular idol group King & Prince and W of actress Kanna Hashimoto.

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