“World Trigger 3rd Season” will be released for 3 consecutive weeks!

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About the TV animation “World Trigger 3rd Season,” which will be broadcast on TV Asahi series from Saturday, October 9, 2021, it will be on TV Asahi series “NUM Animation” where “REMAIN” is currently being broadcast for three weeks. It was announced that a new special news video would be lifted.

The popular science fiction action manga “World Trigger” by Daisuke Ashihara. Osamu Mikumo, a member of the border defense organization “Border,” organized to counter the invasion of “Naver” with unknown power, is a mysterious boy, Sora, who came from “Nearby.” It depicts the encounter with Yuma Kaoru and struggling with Chika Ametori and the boys on the border while working hard.

This work, which has gained enthusiastic fans from the beginning of the “Weekly Shonen Jump” series, has been transferred to “Jump SQ.” And is being serialized with great acclaim. The 1st season of TV animation (73 episodes in total) was broadcast from 2014 to 2016, and the 2nd season (12 episodes in total) was published in January 2021. From Saturday, October 9, 2021, the animation “World Trigger 3rd Season” will be broadcast in the TV Asahi series “NUM Animation” frame.

Time, before the broadcast from October 9 (Saturday), in the three weeks of September 18 (Saturday), September 25 (Saturday), and October 2 (Saturday) It was announced that a new special news video would be unveiled on the TV Asahi series “NUM Animation,” which is currently broadcasting “REMAIN.”

Three weeks in a row in “NUM Animation”! The ban on unique news videos that change narration has been lifted!

Before the broadcast from October 9 (Sat), “REMAIN” is currently being broadcast for three weeks, September 18 (Sat), September 25 (Sat), and October 2 (Sat). It has been decided that a new special news video will be unveiled on the TV Asahi series “NUM Animation.”

In the special news video that will be lifted, the character’s narration will change three times. The first Saturday, September 18, will be handled by Tomo Muranaka, who plays Yuma Kusaka.

Stay tuned for lifting the ban on who will be in charge of the broadcasts on September 25 and October 2!

Comments have arrived from Masato Kageura of the Kageura Corps, Ko Murakami of the Suzunari 1st Corps (Kuruma Corps), Tomokazu Sugita, Hirofumi Nojima, and Kenji Hamada of the East Spring and Autumn setting picture cast of the East Corps!

In front of the new [Tamakoma No. 2], with the same purpose of “getting into the second place in the B class and taking the team to the expedition,” Osamu Mikumo, Yuma Kusaka, Chika Ametori, and Hughes joined.

In the B-class rank battle “ROUND 7”, which will be the first battle stage of the “World Trigger 3rd Season”, [Suzunaru 1st Corps (Kuma Corps)] [East Corps] [Kageura Corps], and [Tamakoma 2nd Corps] ] 4 teams are selected, and the four-way battle begins. As expected … Can [Tamakoma No. 2] win in the fierce B-rank competition?

Aim to be the winner of “ROUND 7” by making full use of each fighting ability and brain battle!

I hope you can casually convey the kindness that you do not understand on the surface of Kageura. First of all, from the place where you come to the store of your parents’ house …

My name is Kenji Hamada and I am in charge of the role of Higashi Haruaki.

Although I was struggling with the appearance after a long time, I enjoyed recording it.

In ranked battles, we will hunt down Tamaki No. 2 with a unique presence and little mean tactics, so please look forward to it.
We hope that the original and comic sect will also enjoy the expressions unique to animation.

World Trigger is also the 3rd season! I feel that the content is getting more prosperous, and the quality is improving with each season! Of course, Murakami Steel, who I play, will also play an active role. I am a favorite character that I can sympathize with, so it’s a lot of fun to play. I hope you will look forward to it!

I look forward to working with you!

LB POP-UP THEATER will be held!

“World Trigger Border” SHOP will be held for a limited time from October 1 (Friday) to December 1 (Wednesday), 2021, at “LB POP-UP THEATER” at Shibuya PARCO, Sendai PARCO, and Shinsaibashi PARCO. Bottom.

Also, a SHOP will be held at Kanazawa Korinbo Yamato for a limited time from October 1 (Friday) to October 12 (Tuesday).

At LB POP-UP THEATER, you can sell limited goods and watch little short films in the mini-theater room inside the store if you purchase 5000 yen or more.

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