‘Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045’ The main video is expected to be a fierce battle with the new human being ‘posthuman.’

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The main video has been lifted. From Season 2 of the popular anime “Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045”, which will be exclusively distributed worldwide on Netflix from the 23rd of next week, the appearance of Motoko Kusanagi’s Public Security Section 9 and the posthuman who holds the key to the story, Takashi Shimamura, will be projected. The speedy cyberpunk action and unpredictable development are images that make you feel the expectation for the fierce battle between Public Security Section 9 and the posthuman threat of humanity and the turbulent story that will occur in Season 2. ing.

In 1989, Masamune Shirow released the original comic in “Young Magazine Special Edition Pirate Edition” (Kodansha), and since the serialization started, animation including “GHOST IN THE SHELL” (1995), directed by Mamoru Oshii. The “Ghost in the Shell” series has composed various works such as Hollywood live-action movies and has continued to surprise and inspire the world.

The latest animation series, “Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045,” will be the first full 3DCG animation in the history of “Ghost in the Shell,” with director Kenji Kamiyama who worked on the “Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.” series and the “APPLESEED” series—produced by Production I.G x SOLA DIGITAL ARTS under the double director of director Shinji Aramaki. Atsuko Tanaka, Akio Otsuka, Koichi Yamadera, and others have reunited the original cast of the “Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.” series, and Season 1 has been distributed since April 2020.

The main video, which was lifted, is a scene in which the mission of the Public Security Section 9, which was reorganized to prevent cybercrimes by the new human being “posthuman” who suddenly appeared in the cyber society, reaches a critical stage. The highlight is the speedy shooting battle with the multi-legged thinking tank “Tachikoma,” on which Togusa, a former detective of the Public Security Section 9 who once served as the captain of the Public Security Section 9, is on board, giving a sense of three-dimensionality and realism.

Furthermore, in the scene where members of Public Security Section 9 protect and transfer the posthuman Shimamura Takashi, the mighty power of the posthuman can be seen in the fierce battle with Takashi, who suddenly awoke.

You can also see the appearance of Esaki Pudding, a new member with pink hair who is in charge of maintenance of Tachikoma at the New Public Security Section 9, which is the key person of Season 2, and the appearance of the element at the end.

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