The words and deeds go beyond the anime and manga “rich characters” “Is 10 yen still in circulation?”

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The “rich characters” that appear in manga and anime are people in the world of creation, and they are often surprised by their financial strength. Personality and personality vary depending on the work, but there are many cases where the “money sense” is strange, unlike general characters.

Among the many works, the person who is “outstandingly rich” is Shuutarou Mendou of “Urusei Yatsura.” In the anime version, Mendo, a sergeant of a large conglomerate, says “at most 5 trillion yen in assets” and goes to school with a private helicopter, and many non-standard words and actions can be seen.

Also, Keiichi Nakagawa of “Kameari Koenmae Hakkosho, Katsushika Ward” has the same financial strength as Mendo. He is a young businessman who works as a police officer in a police box and works as a “president” at multiple companies. At first glance, he may seem like an “ordinary boy,” but he is too rich to know the ordinary sense.

For example, when Ryotsu talked about a “100-yen uniform shop”, Nakagawa was surprised, “Is there a shop where you can buy anything for 100 yen !?” Furthermore, he seemed to think that 100 yen was the lowest coin, and when Reiko told him about the existence of 50 yen and 10 yen, he commented, “Is 10 yen still in circulation?” Nakagawa had only used a credit card since he was born, and even Ryotsu, who has an unconventional personality, seemed to be amazed.

Regarding other impressive “rich characters,” Kaguya Shinomiya of “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you-the love brain battle of geniuses-” has a bad habit of trying to solve it with money when in trouble. “Yeah (laughs)” “Speaking of characters that remain in my memory, I think it’s Gobo Chama, the main character of” Obocchama-kun. ” Hanawa Kun of “Chan” is rich, but I love it because I’m not pretending at all. “

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