GoJass Appears! ‘Miraculous’ Secret Event Report

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A private event of the 3D animation “Miraculous Ladybug & Chat Noir,” co-produced by France, Korea, and Japan, was held on October 10, 2022.

The speakers were Karin Nanami (Ladybug/Marinette), Ryota Osaka (Chat Noir/Adrien), Sora Takasaka (Pragg), Maria Naganawa (Ticky), and Arisa Sakuraba (Chloe). In addition, the support captain, Gor ☆ Jas, also rushed as a special guest.

“Miraculous Ladybug & Chat Noir” is an anime broadcast in 120 countries worldwide, mainly in English-speaking countries, and is also broadcast and distributed in Japan. Currently, in addition to being posted and distributed on Disney Channel, etc., it is also published on TV Tokyo affiliates every Saturday from 7:30.

The main characters are ordinary high school students Marinette and Adrien. But the two are superheroes who protect the city of Paris from the evil shadows! To catch Akuma, an evil creature that turns good citizens into villains, she transforms herself into Ladybug and Chat Noir with the power of Kwami (fairy).

The two fight as partners, but even each other doesn’t know their true identities. Marinette has a crush on Adrien, and Chatnoir is passionate about Ladybug.

A heart-pounding action romantic comedy unfolding with double heroes.

At this private event, the new episode “Evolution” of season 5 will be screened in advance, with the best episode selected by viewers’ votes, the best attack chosen by the speakers, and a quiz and particular lottery against teams. Meetings were held.

The cast first took the stage and greeted them when the event started. In Japan, this work started broadcasting on Disney Channel in July 2018, but it is the first time this member has gathered for an event. When the cast touched on this with deep emotion, the audience gave a big round of applause.

Also, among the form, there is an episode that Sakuraba loves this work in particular. Because her feelings are too pure, she says that Osaka sometimes tells her, “Fans, please go home (laughs)” during dubbing. From the friendly talk that unfolded on the stage, we could see the closeness of the cast members.

Afterward, special guest Gor☆Jazz joins. While talking about his love for the work, he turned the globe and said, “Everyone loves ‘Miraculous,’ isn’t it? Then, with the usual gag pointing, the venue’s atmosphere was warmed up.

After each greeting, a pre-screening of Season 5’s new episode, “Evolution,” was held. After the screening, Jiro reappeared on stage, gave his impressions of the latest episode, and introduced a video message from Jeremy Zag, the producer of this work. After mentioning that he loves Japanese anime, Jeremy said, “I will continue to deliver many new episodes, so please look forward to it.”

At the event, the 10th to 4th best episodes (*1st to 3rd place announced by Disney Channel) were notified, as well as the best episodes selected by the speakers. Kousaka is the first episode of “Stormy Weather,” in which he still remembers the shock when he saw the video and the memories of dubbing. , Naganawa is a “Reflect Doll” in which Ladybug and Chat Noir exchange miracles and fight. Go•Jass is a “Heart Hunter” in which Marinette worries about love and makes a fatal mistake due to heartbreak.

Sakuraba’s “Maledictator” shows Chloe’s backbone, and Osaka picks up “Cat Blanc,” in which Adrien is akumatized. Every time they talked about their feelings, the fans of the work who rushed to the venue took a convincing reaction.

After that, a quiz and a unique giant lottery against teams will be held. In the quiz corner, when the speakers challenged difficult questions with the help of the people at the venue, all four questions were answered correctly. All the speakers were surprised at the knowledge, enthusiasm, and love of the people who rushed to the forum, but they couldn’t hide their joy.

At the end of the event, the speakers greeted each other again. Osaka said, “It’s rare to find an anime that lasts more than 100 episodes. It’s going to get even more exciting in the future.” I think that the child will indeed have a good point in that child. All the characters have good points, so I hope you continue loving them.” In addition, Nanami said, “Our driving force is everyone’s energy and smiles. (Today’s event) I was able to recharge my batteries. If children like Chloe and Felix were in the class, they would say, ‘I wonder if something happened.’ I want you to play it.”

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