Theatrical animations ‘Bokuai’ and ‘Kimiai’ unveiled the main video of the encounter scene

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Two works were released simultaneously on the 7th of last week, and both of them entered the top 10 of the movie mobilization rankings. From “To me” (hereafter, “Kimiai”), the main video of the moment when Koyomi and Chord in “Bokuai” and Koyomi and Shiori in “Kimiai” meet have been lifted.

Based on a novel by Otono Yomoji. A love story where one boy, Koyomi, falls in love with a different girl in each world in a world where the world that he did not choose when choosing something exists as a “parallel world”.

The main video of “Bokuai”, which has been lifted, is “Why are you ignoring me?!” Koyomi shows a bewildered expression when her name is suddenly called by her classmate, “Mr. Takigawa,” whom she has never actually spoken to.

Koyomi doesn’t pay attention to Koyomi, and Kazune says, “I’m not angry anymore.” Unable to grasp the situation at all, Koyomi panics. Seeing that, Naru was about to say, “Recently, we’ve been getting a little confused, but that’s why we’re doing it this way…”. Leave the place behind. With this event, the calendar is gradually drawn to her, but…

On the other hand, the place where Koyomi and Shiori (CV: Ayasu Makita) of “Kimi Ai” first met was the nursery school of the Imaginary Science Institute where their parents work. Koyomi, who had just lost her beloved dog, Yuno, who was kept at her mother’s parents’ house, suddenly burst into tears when she saw the dog calendar displayed at the nursery school. At that time, I heard a voice saying, “What’s wrong?”

“Are you crying?” Shiori gently called out. On the other hand, Koyomi shows a strong appearance, saying, “I’m not crying!” At that time, when Shiori showed a troubled expression, Koyomi suddenly said, “I want to meet Yuno.” She said, “Yunho is dead, so I will never see him again!” Shiori, who saw Koyomi crying while saying that, suddenly grabbed her arm and called out, “Hey, come!”

The main characters who live in the worlds of “Boku-Ai” and “Kimi-Ai” keep thinking of each other single-mindedly, and what is the end of each happiness? A novel set is hidden that becomes a “slightly sad love story” from “Bokuai” and a “happy love story” from “Kimiai”. A new type of entertainment that you can enjoy, including which one you see first, and which you can only choose once.

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