Goro Taniguchi’s original project ‘Estab-Life’ started with TV animation, smartphone games, and movies. Set in ‘Magic Remodeled Tokyo’

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Fuji TV’s ” Ultra” new lineup presentation was recently held, revealing the production of the original project “Estab-Life” directed by Goro Taniguchi of the “Code Geass” series. Director Taniguchi has teamed up with the creative team to develop each story in three media: anime, smartphone games, and movies.

The “STAB LIFE” stage is Tokyo, an experimental city managed by AI. In the distant future, human beings will carry out “human diversification plans” for the prosperity of species. By genetic modification, “diversified races” such as ordinary people, beasts, demons, and “diversified cities” called clusters Were created. Many clusters have their own cultures, and various human races with appropriateness live in them. It was always controlled by AI so that humankind would not perish.

This project is set in “Magic Remodeled Tokyo” and tells TV animation, smartphone games, and movies. The TV anime version of “Estab-Life Great Escape” is directed by Hiroyuki Hashimoto, known for “Is the Order a Rabbit?”, Character design draft by Yusuke Kozaki. Of “Pokemon GO,” animation production by Polygon Pictures of “Knights of Sidonia.” On February 3rd, a follow-up to the TV anime will be announced.

In addition, the movie version “Estab Life Revengers Road” is directed and written by Taniguchi himself and draws a story different from TV animation and games. Square Enix will be responsible for producing the smartphone game version “ESTABLIFE Unity Memories.”

In the project visual released simultaneously, the main characters of TV animation, smartphone games, and movies are gathered against the background of “Oedo Castle,” located in the center of Tokyo, which has been remodeled. In the project PV, “a strange town with a habit” such as Ueno, Odaiba, and Sangenjaya are introduced, and TV animation and game version images are also recorded.

In addition, on the YouTube “Crunchyroll Extras” channel, the video of the “+ Ultra” lineup presentation where this information was announced is being archived.

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