‘Don’t Toy With Me, Nagataki-san’ will be broadcast in January 2011. The teaser visual ban is approaching, Senpai.

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The second season of the TV anime “Don’t Toy With Me” will be broadcast in January 2023, and it has been decided that the title will be “Don’t Toy With Me 2nd Attack”.

The second teaser visual is also released. It depicts Mr. Nagataki looking at Senpai, who is drawing a picture in the art room, with a mischievous expression. The new catchphrase released on the teaser site is “S dere love rice that can’t be obedient!”

This work is a romantic comedy about a weak senior boy who is squeezed by a sadistic high school girl, Mr. Nagataki. I wouldn’t say I like it, but I love it. I want to be by my side even though it is painful. The story of “S Dere Shoujo,” where something in you awakens, was broadcast from April to June in the first season of TV animation.

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