What is ‘makeup,’ a technique to jump up the details of a ‘bubble’ drawing?

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A new scene photo of the feature-length animation ” Bubble ” (released) by director Tetsuro Araki of the TV anime ” Attack on Titan ” series, ” Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress,” and WIT STUDIO of ” SPY x FAMILY ” was shown. The scene using the “makeup” technique created by Director Araki and WIT STUDIO is cut out.

The story is set in Tokyo, where gravity is broken by the bubbles that have fallen into the world. The main character, Hibiki, is a boy with special hearing from an early age, and while searching for a specific “sound,” he meets a mysterious girl who does not know the word, Uta. Uta can hear the “sound” that Hibiki was looking for, and the two people who meet, guided by the “sound,” gradually communicate with each other.

Director Araki introduced the makeup technique in ” Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress ” and used it as his directing technique. It seems that it is used to raise the level of detail, and Director Araki, who used makeup in an essential scene in this work, explains, “It is one of the” projectiles “used when you want to give another impact.”

“Originally, it was” Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, “which was developed to reproduce Haruhiko Mikimoto ‘s illustrations, but it was called” makeup makeup “to make it one of the external hooks of Araki and WIT STUDIO’s films. I named it. ” By inserting the uploaded character, the scene becomes sharper, and the character’s feelings can be directly delivered to the audience. When the camera is closest to the character, I aim for an effect that emphasizes the character’s emotions by seeing details that I could not see before, like a microscope.

The scene photo that was shown cuts out the makeup hero, Hibiki. Various scenes such as a facial expression that listens to the sound of bubbles and sharpens one’s feelings, a facial expression that stares at the sky and sheds tears while thinking about something, a figure that falls asleep while wearing headphones, and a figure that a drowning Uta helps. You can see that this makeup is used.

Director Araki said that he was conscious of “eros” when making up Hibiki. I wanted to impress the strong desire that exists in it.”

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