‘Theatrical version PSYCHO-PASS psychopath PROVIDENCE’ will be released on May 12th. The culmination of the series.

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The “PSYCHO-PASS” series culmination, the “PSYCHO-PASS PROVIDENCE theatrical version, “will be released on May 12th.

This work is the latest in the ” PSYCHO-PASS ” series, which celebrated its 10th anniversary. Directed by Naoyoshi Shioya, who has worked on many works in the series, Makoto Fukami and Toru Ubukata are in charge of the script. Naoyuki Onda is in order of character design and is the chief animation director, and Production IG is in charge of animation production.

The story has not been revealed, but the teaser visual released last year shows Tsunemori Akane (CV: Kana Hanazawa ), an inspector of the Public Security Bureau Criminal Division 1, Nobumoto Ginoza ( Kenji Nojima ), and Kogami. Shinya ( Tomokazu Seki ) and other familiar characters from the series are gathered.

In addition, the distribution of the ” Theatrical version PSYCHO-PASS psychopath ” released in 2015 has also been decided. Distribution will start on January 20th on Amazon Prime Video, DMM TV, and d anime store.

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