GYROAXIA’s major debut ‘Freestyle’ produced by Takuya Yamanaka

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“GYROAXIA” (Gyro Axia), a 5-member band from the project “from ARGONAVIS” that develops media mixes such as anime and comics, held “ARGONAVIS LIVE” (day and night two-part system) at Pacifico Yokohama National Grand Hall on the 2nd—appeared in.

A style in which five people who act as the voices of each character perform. Shinichi Hashimoto, the guitar player who plays the role of Kenji Satozuka, said, “We will look at further heights and continue to work. Follow us.” While the red penlight shook, he performed four songs: “Sparks Sanru” and “WORLD IS MINE.”

It was announced that THE ORAL CIGARETTES Takuya Yamanaka will provide and produce the title song of the same title from the significant debut mini-album “Freestyle” (released on February 23).

Yamanaka commented, “I drew the absolute confidence of the champion and the conflict behind it. I wanted to make a song that would be exciting together with the performer even if I played it live.” The album will contain five songs, including “NEW ERA,” written and composed by FLOW TAKE.

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