A story about how to live, get married, discipline, and benefit the shaven.

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“Rurouni Kenshin” Modern “Ken” learned from the way of life of Himura Kenshin.

“It’s not the” sword “that creates the era, but the” people “that handle it.” These are the words of Kenshin Himura, the main character of “Rurouni Kenshin -Meiji Kenkaku Romantan-,” which supported the golden age of Weekly Shonen Jump. Just the other day, there was an election, so I may have been sensitive to the word “creating an era.” When I reread it, I was worried about a little different part from when I was a teenager who was absorbed in the main character. Before I knew it, I overtook the older Kenshin (28 years old at the beginning of the film).

Is the Shinigami a “god”? I saw “Heart Sutra” in Death Note!

“Death Note” is a blockbuster work serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2003 to 2005. It has been made into an animation and a movie, and it has become a significant social phenomenon, and its popularity has not declined. I was a reader at the time who enjoyed the real-time serialization, but when I reread it from the monk’s point of view, there are points here and there that make me want to talk about Buddhism. So, this time, I chose the most impressive part and read “Death Note” from a “Buddhist perspective.” Please note that the text contains significant spoilers, so those who have not read the main story should be careful.

Gacky is our Kannon! Marriage and partner talked about by monks.

Our daily lives are full of information. If you bring your smartphone with you, you will see various news regardless of whether or not you bring it. If we keep it in our memory one by one, our heads will quickly become overcapacity. Therefore, modern people seem to specialize in “forgetting.” Do you remember this news that was so popular a month ago?

The skill of reading sutras is a gift of discipline! How to practice the Buddhist priest’s Buddhist chant on your iPhone

“The monk who came to the funeral was not good at reading sutras!” It seems that funeral companies often receive such complaints. Monks who are not good at reading sutras may be rumored in the shadows. Even in the situation grasp survey conducted by the Buddhist sect, the quality of “reading sutra” is ranked high as expected from the monks. The hurdles that the world demands from monks, such as personality, abundant knowledge, and simple life, are high. However, the chances of the general public to come into contact with Buddhism are overwhelmingly funerals, which means that the quality of “reading sutras” is directly linked to the evaluation of monks.

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