‘Hatopuri’ is now available with a new notice of the movie Pretty Cure!

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The new work of the anime “Pretty Cure” series “Movie Tropical-Ju! Precure Snow Princess and Miracle Ring” (released on October 23) has been released with a new notice and a new scene cut. In this movie, the 18th movie in the series “Tropical-Rouge! “PreCure” and the 7th work “Heart Catch Pretty Cure! 2nd generation Pretty Cure collaborated, and the notice was < “Heart Catch Pretty Cure! ] Appearance>.

the ban has been lifted < “Heart Catch Pretty Cure! “Appearance”> is a transformation of charming Cure Blossom, Cure Marine, Cure Sunshine, Cure Moonlight, full of colorful flowers, along with the light music of the opening theme song “Alright! Heart Catch Pretty Cure!” Of “Hatopuri.” Contains scenes and scenes of static poses. In addition, Cure Blossom said, “It’s been a long time, everyone! Nice to meet you.!”

In the new scene cut, you can see a dignified standing figure that makes you feel a spectacular aura different from “Tropuri,” What kind of activity will you play in the play? It is a finish that raises expectations.

In addition, to commemorate the movie’s release, a limited-time distribution of all 49 episodes of the TV anime “Hatopuri” has been decided on the Toei Animation Museum Channel. The first episode will be released at 9 pm on August 5, and the delivery schedule needs to be confirmed.

Comment by Nana Mizuki
movie? !! Is it true? !! I was amazed and excited! !! A few years after the annual Precure All-Stars, an extensive collection of pressure After playing the 15th-anniversary work three years ago, I was hoping that there would be the 20th anniversary next time, so I would like to do it again. The opportunity to play Cure Blossom will come! I was thrilled! !! I am delighted with the free YouTube distribution! Since the buds are grandmothers, the Showa era oozes out from the ends of the lines. I think many parts are fresh for children and come to adults! (Laughs) There are so many episodes that left an impression on me. To name one, Cure Blossom, which was called the weakest Pretty Cure in history, grew up and encouraged the senior Pretty Cure, Cure Moonlight. It is a scene to do. Overcoming many difficulties together, the location that strongly feels the deepened bond and growth makes my heart warm! Would you please pay attention to it?

Comment by Fumie Mizusawa
Since it was a movie since the All-Star, I was mixed with joy and tension, but I stood in front of Cure Blossom, and Mike in the theater noticed I recorded the main movie. Immediately, I felt like I was back home, and I switched to a broader heart than the sea, saying, “Let’s take off my skin as a senior pressure!” We will do our best together with everyone at Tropri so that children who see Hatopuri for the first time will naturally accept it ♪ . I hope you will see the heartful Hatopuri that both adults and children can enjoy with free delivery!

Comment by Houko Kuwashima
I was surprised that this Appearance was decided, and I still think it’s a dream (laughs). It’s been about ten years since I was able to co-star with everyone at Tropic. I am also thrilled with the free delivery of Hatopuri. I want to take this opportunity to see the children who are addicted to Tropic. And I would be happy if you could meet me at the theater even if you were crazy about Hatopuri at that time!

Comment by Aya Hisakawa
It’s been more than ten years since the leading broadcast, and I’m so grateful that Yuri Tsukikage can be played in the movie again. I hope you enjoy the story until it blooms powerfully and beautifully. The episode of the bond with Colon makes me cry even now, and the tale of transforming into Moonlight and fighting Dark Pretty Cure was played with the script as thick as a movie and feeling the love of the director and staff. !!

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