BLACKPINK Jisoo, 1st place in voting for female idols who look good in coffee ads

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Jisoo of the girl group BLACKPINK asked, ‘Is the coffee ad suitable? ‘Female idol’ voted 1st place.

From September 23rd to September 29th, the K-pop idol app ‘My Favorite Idol’ conducted voting on the subject of “Which female idol is suitable for coffee advertisements?” As a result of the voting, BLACKPINK’s index took first place.

The index obtained 7,641 votes as a result of voting.

These results show his extraordinary popularity.

Meanwhile, on the 23rd (US time), a Google’ Dear Earth’ event was held through YouTube Original. Blackpink, who appeared as a special speaker on the day, drew attention by saying, “I have an important message I want to share with everyone.”

Among them, Jisoo said, “We must be more aware of the environmental crisis that will unfold on the planet in the future.” “We must strive to create a better, more equal, and sustainable world. In our care, our precious planet will be safe.”

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