Hero of justice x female combatant of evil Love comedy a great cooperation attitude of the original author in animation ‘Love is after world domination.’

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The TV anime “Love After World Domination” (Friday night, TOKYO MX, BS Asahi, etc.), which started on April 8, is evil with Aikawa Fudo, the leader of the justice hero squadron “Gelato 5”. A squadron love comedy in which the strongest fighter of the secret society, “Gecko”, Desumi Sadahara, the princess of Death, promotes a personal forbidden dating. Hiroshi Noda (original) and Takahiro Wakamatsu (manga), who is serializing the original manga in “Monthly Shonen Magazine” (Kodansha), said that the editor in charge, Taro Oda, was surprisingly supportive of animation production.

A romantic comedy in which unique squadron members and evil princesses colour the dating of straight immovable, and cute death beauty. There are many topics to be talked about, such as the gorgeous voice actors such as Yusuke Kobayashi, who plays the role of Fudo, and Ikumi Hasegawa, who plays the role of Death, the opening theme song by Masayoshi Oishi and Yukari Tamura, and the action-packed drawing. Mr Noda said, “I’m just impressed, and it’s already a shock.” Mr Wakamatsu said, “I can say with confidence that it’s just a word that I can enjoy,” and Mr Oda said, “The story that had a preamble that wasn’t finalized yet was realized.” ..

It’s no wonder that the original side is so enthusiastic about anime. I have helped more than the title of the original author. Mr Oda said, “How much you are involved in animation depends on the artist. Some people supervised with points, and people who do not touch, especially Professor Wakamatsu, cooperated from 1 to 10 and were pleased that the animation production side was saved. I did it. “

The original was serialized in October 2019. The first proposal for animation was around the spring of 20 when the book’s first volume was released. The book was still in the second volume stage when the energy materialized the following year. There was not enough original work for one course of broadcasting, and Mr Noda created the name (manga blueprint) ahead of schedule for the animation scenario meeting. And in response to the request, “Gelato 5” and “Gecko” had a flashy battle. I also realized the times of deployment.

Mr Wakamatsu provided detailed setting materials such as squadron costumes. Mr Oda said, “I don’t think I’m thinking about it because I don’t use it for romantic comedies when asked by the anime side if there are any setting materials to use for transformation and battle scenes … but Professor Wakamatsu said. “There is.” Not to mention the transformation scene, I was surprised to see everything from each weapon to how that weapon deforms and how the helmet opens and closes. “Mr Wakamatsu has been absorbed in special effects heroes since “Kamen Rider Kuuga” (2000), and he has expanded his imagination by looking at the collection of setting materials for each work, including those from the squadron. In this work, which depicts the squadron hero for the first time, the expression of that passion was utilized in the animation. It is said that he has continued to cooperate according to the progress of the animation.

The same work in which the love setting between the squadron hero and the evil organization is eye-catching. Mr Noda recalled, “At first, it was the daily life of Mr Desumi who had a crush on OL, but …” I wanted to. When I wondered what to do with the secret dating stage, Mr Wakamatsu thought he would like to use special effects, so I decided to help him. ” I was able to set a different colour to have. After that, when I asked Mr Wakamatsu for a proposal for five princesses in addition to Princess Shinigami, the designs were submitted in about 20 minutes each, and they were adopted as they were. In the costume plan for Princess Shinigami, Mr Oda peeled off the cloth and established an exquisite degree of exposure, saying, “To make cosplayers enjoyable.” The compatibility between Mr Wakamatsu and the special effects was just as expected.

The third year of serialization. Mr Noda recalls that the turning point was when Death Beauty and Pink Gelato confronted each other in the early stages. “There was a response that I could do not only comedy but also pretty emo stories.” The story has expanded with the appearance of a family of Death Beauty’s fathers and digging into her portrait. Mr Wakamatsu mentioned when the conversation that the calf part was unnecessary for the combined robot to be drawn in the name. “Mr Noda shouldn’t be familiar with it, but it was interesting because there was a” material that pierces the painful part “that the calf of the combined robot is not necessary,” he laughed. In terms of characters, the change of the demon beast princess, a battle enthusiast at the beginning, is extensive, and Mr Noda said, “I did not think that the number of turns would increase so much. It is convenient because it is the most authentic human being. It was a mess, and the steel princess was a solid person, but I thought the opposite would be more enjoyable. Gradually the steel princess became a dangerous woman, and the demon beast became decent, “he said happily.

Mr Oda said, “This is a rare case for a fun scene,” and Mr Noda and Mr Wakamatsu developed ideas friendly. At the amusement park, which was set to imitate Osaka / USJ in the original, the animation side asked, “I want to change the setting to Yomiuriland because I want to tie up,” and agreed. Like the two in the original manga, they have a bright and enjoyable relationship with the anime side.

Mr Noda said, “It’s a very peaceful work. I’m confident that it will be squeaky, so I want more people to see it. When creating a name, I can be a character other than Mr Desumi, but Mr Desumi is I’m drawing from a third-party perspective that I wish I had such a girl. I hope you can enjoy Death Beauty, which is unique to anime. “Mr Wakamatsu said, “I’m impressed that you can see and make the small parts you drew. I hope this happy feeling can be conveyed to those who watched the animation.”

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