‘Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Bonds II’ Gunpla, Gundam Ace interlocking project “Mobile Suit Gundam Red Three Giant Stars” started

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The arcade game “Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Bonds II” (Bandai Namco Amusement) of the popular anime “Gundam” series, the manga magazine “Monthly Gundam Ace” (KADOKAWA), and the plastic model (Gundam model) of the same series “Mobile Suit Gundam Red” It turned out that “Three Giant Stars” will start.

A follow-up report will be announced in the June “Monthly Gundam Ace” issue, released on April 26th.

“Battlefield Bond II” is an orthodox sequel to the famous work “Battlefield Bond” that started operation in 2006. In addition to renewing the housing shape from a dome shape to an open type with a high-definition large triple monitor, graphics and sound have evolved.

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