‘Yakumo’ stage in Tajimi ‘Anime Sanctuary’

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Set in Tajimi City, the anime “Yakumo Mug Cup”, which is based on the theme of high school girls who devote themselves to ceramic art, has been released by the general incorporated association “Anime Tourism Association” (Tokyo) as “Japanese Anime Sanctuary 88 I Want to Visit”. The certification plate was presented to the city.

Since its establishment in 2016, the association has once a year, based on votes from anime fans, “sacred places” such as models and stage spots for anime works, memorial halls related to famous cartoonists, and museums related to anime. It is certified as.

“Yakumo,” which aired in April-June and October-December last year, is an animation for 15 minutes out of a 30-minute program. The remaining 15 minutes was a live-action version, in which the voice actor who played the character visited the scenic spots and shops that appeared in the animation. At the presentation ceremony held at the city hall, Norimichi Suzuki, managing director of the association, evaluated it as “a unique composition with a live-action part.”

Mayor Masanori Furukawa, awarded the plate, said, “I don’t want to end it transiently,” said Kazuto Koike, 58, president of the city’s IT company that publishes the original free comics. I am honoured to have you choose from several animes. I want to continue thinking that I will start from here. “

The plate and the red stamp are given simultaneously and displayed at the city PR centre on the 1st floor of the Tohto Sozokan in Honmachi, the same city.

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