Hikorohee & Atsumi Tanezaki to voice actors for Sanrio’s ‘Bosa Maru’ anime version

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Fuji TV “Nonstop! Comedian Hikorohi and voice actor Atsumi Tanezaki (*Tatsusaki) will be the character voices of the anime “Bosa Maru,” which will start in April in “Monday-Friday 9:50 *Kanto Local”. Was announced.

Bosamaru” is a Sanrio character that debuted in 2021. popular. The anime will be a messy daily story centered around three “Bosamaru”: the newcomer “Bosausa,” the veteran “Bosaneko,” and the impatient “Bosahamuster.”

This is the first time for Hikorohi, who plays the role of Cassie in “Bosaneko,” to be an anime voice actress in a TV series. Tanezaki, who plays the role of Ran in “Bosa Hamuster,” has played many characters such as Anya Forger in “SPY x FAMILY” and Freelen in “Sousou no Freelen” and has been appointed.

“Nonstop! Broadcast from Monday to Thursday from April 3. Missed episodes will be streamed on Sanrio’s official YouTube channel after the end of each episode.

Hikorohee’s comment
“It’s so cute that you wouldn’t think it’s Hikorohee. I hope it will be a relaxing time in the morning.” Comment from Atsumi

“I never thought that the day would come when I would be able to voice a Sanrio character, so when I received the offer, I was frankly surprised, and I was happy and excited because the character was so cute.

Comedian-san. , Voice actors, etc., I couldn’t imagine what kind of atmosphere it would be when they were combined, but I thought that each child was unique and cute, and I thought it was a perfect balance, so I will continue to work on each character. It would be nice if I could show my sexuality.

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