Members of the new series ‘Rising Volteckers’ released!

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Information and voice actors of the ” Rising Volteckers ” members led by Pokemon Doctor Freed, which appears in the new series of anime ” Pocket Monsters ” scheduled to start broadcasting on April 14, 2022, have been announced. A video introducing them has also been released.

The TV anime “Pocket Monsters” started broadcasting in 1997. The title has been changed with each release of the original game, and the adventures of the main character Satoshi, Pokemon, and friends have been drawn.

And on April 14, 2023, the camera following Satoshi and Pikachu’s adventures for 25 years will take on a new perspective. A new dream and experience set in the entire Pokémon world begin! The April 14 broadcast will be a one-hour special.

Pokemon Doctor Freed leads the newly announced members of the Rising Volteckers. Orio (CV: Ayane Sakura ), a “mecha-loving” partner with Metagross, and Mardock (CV: Kenta Miyake), a “good cook” with Iwanko as a partner.), Lucky’s partner “treatment specialist” Molly (CV: Kei Shindo), and Landau (CV: Kazuhisa Juku) who looks like a fisherman.

The Rising Volteckers have adventures based on airships. A new experience for the new protagonists Rico and Roy begins in the world of “Pocket Monsters” full of dreams and mysteries! What is the encounter that awaits the two, and what is fate!?? How will the Rising Volteckers get involved with the two?!? Stay tuned! (C) Nintendo, Creatures, GAME FREAK, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JR Kikaku (C) Pokémon

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