‘Puppet Quartet’ Main character Rika Hotei Voice actor audition held!

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A new project was launched by Higashikagawa, Kagawa Prefecture, a handbags town.

The first project is the production of voice dramas and music videos. The puppet theatre youth ensemble “Puppet Quartet” is unveiled at Japan’s only puppet theatre theme park “, Puppet Land”. We will hold a voice actor audition to select the leading cast “Rika Nunobukuro”.

The original plan is Keigo Inoue, an up-and-coming creator who was also in charge of the MV production of Ado’s “Yoru no Pierrot” and the assistant of the weekly Shonen Jump series “Shokugeki no Soma”.

Kazuki Yanase of “Dropkick on My Devil” pioneers new animation business models such as crowdfunding and hometown tax payment for producers.

The character design is “Shave the beard. And pick up the high school girl.” But, the critical visual production is Manga Time Kirara “Unravel, Hei-san.”

Puppet Quartet Synopsis
The Seto Inland Sea and Toramaruyama surround the town of Higashikagawa.

Rika, a high school girl who attends Toramaru High School, longed for the puppet show that she saw at her local Puppet Land when she was young.

When she heard the news that her longing puppet theater-Puppet Orchestra was disbanded, she formed a puppet theatre with her classmate Machi Nao Mei.

The four people who decided to go to Puppet Land and the stage of the cultural festival (tiger school festival) will work for the puppet show every day.

They started to learn the depth and charm of the puppet show and delivered the puppet show to more people.
The story of the puppet quartet begins!

The voice actors were Tsugumi Sakuragi (crocodile), who starred in “Milk Kevin THE MOVIE”, Minami Ishida (STU48), who is active mainly in the Setouchi area, and was in charge of singing as STAR ☆ ANIS in the TV anime “Aikatsu!” Eri Aino (Dear Stage) has decided to participate.

What is Hotei Rika?
The main character of this work. She has a cheerful personality and is obedient to what she wants to do. She wants to share her experience with her puppet show, which she watched at Puppet Land when she was young, with her children today. She loves children, and she finds herself playing mixed with her. She is the centrepiece of the puppet quartet.

A live distribution platform that anyone can live-stream and watch for free through a virtual live space. Various events, such as appearances on terrestrial television and model debuts in fashion magazines, are always held. People who want to make their dreams come true (rivers) and people who want to support them (listeners) are gathering.

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