Hiro Mashima launches ‘DEAD ROCK,’ a new serialization, an unusual simultaneous serialization of three works, without a single hiatus in the 25 years since his debut.

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A new series, “DEAD ROCK” by Hiro Mashima, a manga artist known for the manga “FAIRY TAIL,” started from the August issue of “Monthly Shonen Magazine” (Kodansha), released on the 6th. Currently, Mr. Mashima is serializing “EDENS ZERO” in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” and “FAIRY TAIL 100 YEARS QUEST” (draft name) in the manga app “Magapoke.”

The new illustration series “DEAD ROCK” by Hiro Mashima, such as “RAVE,” is set in “DEAD ROCK,” a training institution for demon lords in the depths of the demon world. A dark fantasy that challenges the harsh entrance exam to knock on the door.

According to the editorial department, there have been cases where one author has had three works serialized simultaneously in “Magazine.” Still, Mr. Mashima commented on this new series, “I don’t even know why this happened. But I have a lot of things I want to draw, so I can’t help it.

It should be noted that Mr. Mashima is known to fans and within the industry as a “quick-writing,” although he has had simultaneous serialization in the past. Even so, he has taken a break once in his 25-year career as a writer—no working person. Especially in 2013, when “FAIRY TAIL” was serialized, it left a legend that published three episodes at once for two consecutive weeks (128 pages total for two weeks), which was unusual for a weekly serial magazine.

In an exclusive interview with ORICON NEWS, Mr. Mashima, who left many legends behind, was asked, “How do you secure your sleep, which many fans are concerned about?” I get about 7 hours of sleep daily (laughs), and I only play games 2-3 hours before bed. There are days when I play all day long, so I enjoy my gaming life.”

If you live a long life as a manga artist, it is natural that you will develop astigmatism, hurt your back, and have other physical problems, as other manga artists have announced. When asked, “I think Mashima-sensei is healthy, what is the secret to his health?” I’m doing it, so maybe that’s the secret to my health.

In addition, the magazine’s editorial department also asked ORICON NEWS about the circumstances behind the start of this new series. I thought it might be possible to serialize it simultaneously, so I approached him about writing a new work.” I don’t think there is a writer who hasn’t taken a break from writing, even if he has a serial or other job! I don’t think there is anyone like Mashima-sensei, even in other publishers and manga magazines.”

Mashima won the 60th Weekly Shonen Magazine Rookie Manga Award in 1998 with “MAGICIAN” and made his debut with “BAD BOYS SONG” from “Magazine FRESH.” In 1999, “RAVE” started serialization in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” and gained popularity and was made into a TV animation. Since then, he has released works such as “FAIRY TAIL” (2006-2017) and is currently serializing “EDENS ZERO” in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” since June 2018. He also serialized “FAIRY TAIL 100 YEARS QUEST” in “Magapoke” as a name original.

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